Thanks for stopping by my little blog. I am sure that I can be a bit hard to take at times because I am constantly whinging and moaning about my fatness and trying to eliminate my fatness. I prefer to think of it as being honest and upfront, but sometimes I manage to even annoy myself.

I have been obese my entire life, dieting since I was 5 years old and desperately trying to shift this weight. The more I dieted over the years, the fatter I got. Big shock! I spent most of my 20's being morbidly obese between 120-130 kilos and miserable. Unfortunately I never learnt how to be one of those 'fat and happy' people (more power to you if you can!).

In May 2009, at a weight of 129.7 kilos (285 lbs), I got the lap band and over the past few years I have managed to lose over 55 kilos (121 lbs). It has been extremely difficult and I have dragged my feet at times, but I am getting close to a happy weight now.

After losing all that weight from a classic apple shaped body I had some major loose skin issues to deal with on my stomach and back. So in November 2012 I had body lift surgery to remove the excess skin. This is still very much a work in progress but I will be sure to share all the gory details!

Losing weight has undoubtedly changed my life. I am still the same person inside, but I am also happier and more confident, which has improved all my relationships and allowed me to live my life to the fullest. I am not scared of life anymore and so I am enjoying the novelty of trying new things, pushing myself and just having fun!

Of course it's not all sunshine and rainbows... I still struggle with using my lap band correctly, controlling my binge eating and learning to like myself and my body. It is not easy but I am determined to keep trying!

Feel free to send me an email to say hello any time.