Saturday, July 30, 2011

Tassie Weekend

Last weekend AJ and I went on a long weekend to Tasmania. I had always wanted a weekend in Tassie and bought the cheap flights to Launceston on impulse one day while I was bored at work. For those that don't know, Tassie is a small island off the south of Australia, and just a short plane trip from Melbourne. It is known for it's amazing scenery and fantastic food and wine-- what is not to like?!

We had the most amazing weekend and can quite honestly say I was grinning from ear-to-ear every moment of every day. I loved every second of our trip away, so please indulge me while I bore your with travel photos and stories!

 Flying over the Tasman to Launceston

 The obligatory in-flight photo that AJ always takes and that always brings out my lazy eye!

After we arrived we had breakfast at a lovely cafe called Stillwater and then walked along the river in Launceston

So pretty here, I wish we had time to walk along this gorge, but there were wineries to be seen!

Visiting the wineries of the Tamar Valley

Stopping in the charming town of Beaconsfield (yes, the place were the miners were trapped

AJ in Beaconsfield 

Me in Georgetown 

Me trying to take an artistic photo of drain pipes in Georgetown 

AJ excited to be posing in front of some monument to celebrate the settlement (invasion) of Europeans in Australia

Me excited to be eating lots of cheese and drinking wine!

Next winery was Janz for lots of bubbles

On the way to Swansea and stopping off in the bush somewhere so I could go to the bathroom (no I don't have a photo of that!)

The park I violated by using it as a bathroom

Arriving at our accommodation in Swansea and jumping into the spa fully clothed

Hiking through Freycinet early the next morning

So freaking steep!

Stopping for a photo opportunity... and to get our breath back...

Finally at the top of one hill where I collapse

The view kept us going...

Finally we made it to Wineglass Bay... where the fuck is the wine?

Wineglass Bay, I only wish I had a good camera and knew stuff about photography because this was the most amazing beach I have ever seen

AJ refueling on a muesli bar before we hiked back

Watching the waves crash on Wineglass Bay

It's freezing cold in Tassie and I am getting my sweat on climbing up those rocks 

The views over the beach at the Lighthouse where we took a picnic lunch

Watching the waves crash on the rocks 

Me feeling that bitter cold wind off the water while eating lunch

Walking along Friendly Beaches

Our terrible attempt at an Inukshuk on the beach

Our even worse attempt at drawing a map of Tassie on the beach

Back to the cottage at the Piermont in Swansea

Walking along the beach in front of our cottage

AJ pretending he can hear the ocean in a shell

The restaurant at the hotel

The view from our balcony

The lounge area and the view in our cottage

The view of the water from the spa

Me getting ready for dinner

AJ pretending to know stuff about wine at dinner

Me drinking wine by the fire

The delicious dessert, well I think it was delicious, I was probably a bit drunk by the time it came out

AJ: "Are your as drunk as me?"
ME: "Even drunker!!!"

Watching the sunrise on the balcony

The view of the frost and sunrise from the balcony

The seagulls on the pier in Swansea

Walking along the beach in Swansea

The beach in Swansea before we froze and had to leave

Kate's Berry Farm

Scones with jam and cream for breakfast

Me enjoying breakfast in the sun

Stopping for a break on the way to Cradle Mountain

Beautiful Campbell Town

AJ in front of the river at Campbell Town

Stopping for lunch in Westbury

AJ pretending to be in shackles in the Village Green of Westbury

The Village Green of Westbury

A cute cafe in Deloraine

A 50's cafe in Deloraine

Me enjoying a milkshake in the 50's cafe. I only wish I was hungry enough for a burger too!

AJ trying to work out where the hell we are

Stopping to admire the view while on the road to Cradle Mountain

A cute little paddymelon at our lodge in Cradle Mountain

Me excited to see snow at Cradle Mountain

Me at Cradle Mountain

Enchanted walk at Cradle Mountain

Enchanted Walk at Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain Lodge

Cradle Mountain Lodge

Me playing with a paddymelon

Enjoying a hot chocolate (with a shot of Bailey's) at the lodge

Cute wombat outside our cabin

Wombat playing in the snow

Warming up in front of the fire of our cabin

AJ drinking wine at the restaurant of the lodge

Me enjoying the amazing Tassie seafood 

I always have room for dessert!

A night isn't complete without wine by the fire!

Shaking off the hangover with a bowl of porridge

The lovely view from our breakfast table

Our hike for the morning, Dove Lake Canyon

AJ on our hike

Me thinking this was funny, little did I know how hairy this icy walk would get!

Me on the track around Dove Lake, this isn't so funny anymore...

Trying to enjoy the view, but mostly petrified of slipping on the ice!

Me falling as I walk on the track, please just let this be over soon...

Finally the icy walk is over and we are eating delicious cheese at Ashgrove

Me with my cheese to take home and the local cow

I need an apron with the slogan on it!

Belgian hot chocolate at House of Anvers chocolate house

The grounds of the chocolate house, just a beautiful place to sit... and eat salted caramels...

Very much enjoying my raspberry and golden syrup dumplings

Back in Launceston for a walk around the park

City park in Launceston

The sun setting and time to get to the airport and fly back to Melbourne

Bye Tassie, I can't wait to come back!!!