Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Wish You Were Here

My laptop has started dying recently and I can’t afford a new one for a while, but my only concern was making sure I have my photos backed up before it takes it’s last breath. This brought me to look guiltily at the thousands of photos from our 3 month holiday around Canada, America and Mexico last year and lament the fact I still haven’t sorted them. We had the trip of a lifetime and it seemed a shame not to document it properly so that we can bore our friends with travel photos and stories.

So while I have been feeling sick and sorry for myself on the couch with a pissy winter cold, I looked up some online photo album services and thus started a new obsession. I have wasted countless hours choosing photos and laying them out to tell the story of our holiday. 

It really feels like I am re-living all the fun again and laughing hysterically about all the things I had forgotten. I can’t wait until I get it printed and can see the finished product. It’ll definitely be my little happy place to go to escape the realities of work, bills and house cleaning.

On this very cold and dreary Melbourne day, here are just a few places that I wish I could be again...

 Hiking through Yosemite

 At a beautiful resort in Mexico

 Watching AJ play with rocks in Chilliwack (Canada)

Walking through Vancouver

In a prison cell in Alcatraz!
Hiking through Big Sur

 On a beach in Cape Cod

 Walking through Centra Park

 Eating Cheetos in bed

 Eating yum cha in Chinatown, San Francisco

 Drinking cocktails on a beach in Mexico

At the Most Magical Place On Earth

Riding the rollercoasters at Dollywood

Drinking with friends in Vegas
 Touring through Graceland

 Having a private picnic at the Grand Canyon

 Eating gumbo in New Orleans

 Hiking with family in Tofino, Canada

 Eating In N Out Burger in California

 Hiking through Joshua Tree National Park

 At the Kennedy Space Centre

 Eating key lime pie in Key West

 On a sleigh ride in Lake Louise, Canada

 On a beach in Mexico

Eating ribs in Memphis

 Walking along the Mississippi

 Drinking mojitos in Miami

 On the shore of Monterey

 Eating Mystic Pizza in Mystic

Mucking around on Santa Monica Beach

 Meeting deer in my brother's backyard in Banff, Canada
 Walking through the beautiful Savannah

 Eating hot dogs at Shake Shack in New York

 Walking through the Canadian Rockies

 Hiking through the Smoky Mountains in Tennessee

 Sun baking by the pool in Palm Springs

 On a gondola on Sunshine Mountain in Canada

 Pretending to be a tiger at San Diego Zoo

 In a hot tub in Tofino, Canada

 Walking on the beach at Tybee Island in Georgia

 In the decadent Venetian hotel in Las Vegas

 Whale watching in Tofino, Canada

 Walking past the White House on dusk in DC

Drinking wine in Napa Valley

Bear spotting in Canada

 Drinking beer on Granville Island in Vancouver

I guess all that is left to do now is to start planning the next holiday. I am thinking Europe in 2012...


  1. Hooray, I have been waiting for these for a year! hehe :-) You can 'bore' me with a picture slideshow any time. Your trip looks absolutely amazing, and you look so happy! Here's to more travel adventures soon!


    ps. Hope you're feeling better soon

  2. What a great trip! I'm inspired to start planning a trip across the USA!

  3. how cute is AJ you lucky duck ;)


Awww thanks so much for the comment!