Tuesday, April 27, 2010

'Fessing Up

When I got my lap band I only told my parents and a few friends, I had intended to tell my brothers, but they were both living overseas and I didn't want to have to discuss it on patchy skype lines or email. I also thought that they might find the whole weight loss surgery thing a bit odd and so I thought it would be good if I could lose some weight before I told them.

So I left Australia to go and visit them both in Canada last month and I had lost almost exactly 40 kilos (88 lbs) and I assumed they would notice my weight loss and when they did I would tell them about the band. Well guess what? No one noticed that I had lost weight, or at least, no one mentioned it to me! So I didn't end up telling any of them about getting the lap band. I kind of felt stupid to have to say "I know you didn't notice, but I've lost weight because I got a lap band".

I did have a feeling that my younger brother and his girlfriend would notice that I was eating differently because we always eat big meals together and enjoy food a lot! The first day I saw them we went out for lunch and I was eating my lunch slowly and of course they noticed and said "Why in the world are you cutting your quesadilla into such small pieces?" and I just lied and said it was about ensuring even sour cream and salsa distribution- they know I take my eating seriously, so they didn't question that!

So I am thinking that I might now wait until I hit my goal weight (whatever that is) and tell them then. Or maybe I won't tell them at all... I do hate keeping secrets though and I would prefer to just be open and honest about it, but it's almost gone too far now! One borther is moving back to Australia in September and the other brother is moving to London next week (was supposed to be a couple of weeks ago, but that volcano got in the way), so I guess I'll cross that bridge when I actually see them again.

So, how is my weight loss/gain going with all this fast food and travel? That's a whole other post in itself and right now I am heading out for some Hurricanes and Jambalaya- can anyone guess where I am?

*** A couple of pictures of me at Disney's Hollywood Studio's from last week ***


  1. That is a shame they didn't notice. You look so pretty in the pictures. I am curious about the surgery. My daughter is considering it...I would love your opinion...have a good trip.

  2. Hooray for hollywood!

    That's weird that your brothers didn't notice? You're looking fab in the photos!

    Em :)

  3. They will find out when the time is right! You look fabulous!

  4. Yay for Disney Land :0)

    Maybe your brothers did notice, but were uncomfortable saying something??? I know what you mean about having to keep it secret. I'd feel weird too. Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

    You look so happy & gorgeous in your photos!!!!!

  5. I tend to think the same as Alleycat, perhaps they did notice. Women generally say something, but blokes are less likely too. Strange but they couldn't have not noticed some change in you because your face is glowing with health from the pictures you've shown us. Still, they are your brothers. I imagine you'll tell them when the time is right for you.

    I love that dress on you! Very feminine.

  6. Let me ASSURE you that the difference in how you look is very obvious. You look amazing and your whole shape has changed. I agree with Alleycat that perhaps they felt uncomfortable mentioning it??

    Looks like you are having a fabulous time....ENJOY!!! :-)

  7. I think some people don't notice because they are more focussed on the inner you rather than your outward appearance. I could come home with my hair dyed shocking pink and my son wouldn't realise, but he sure comments when I'm in a bad mood :)

  8. First, do I get a prize if I guess that you're in New Orleans right now!!! The food there is so amazing ... I ate my way through that city once. :) :(

    Secondly, I've always found you gorgeous at any size, but you look especially wonderful right now.

    I think your brothers didn't notice quite simply because they're men and they're brothers (as opposed to romantic interests). If they were romantic interests or sisters they would have noticed and said so immediately. I think when you reach your goal they will definitely notice then and you'll have your opportunity to disclose.

    Keep safe and happy!!!

  9. I think you look awesome!! I know it is very disappointing that they did not notice but try not focus on that...just enjoy NOLA. If you are going to keep heading west let me know...I am in Texas and can tell you some great places to see.


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