Friday, February 03, 2012

February Weigh In

Better late than never!

I did manage to remember to weigh myself on the first morning of the month. I rarely weigh myself these days because I feel like that is one small thing I can do to work on my disordered eating problems. Not to mention that the scale doesn't seem to bring a lot of good news lately!

Highest Weight: 129.7 kilos (285 lbs)
Last Month Weight: 82.5 kilos (181.5 lbs)
Current Weight: 81 kilos (178 lbs)
Loss:  1.5 kilos (3.5 lbs)

I can't say that my eating had the balance I was looking for this month. Life stresses have caused my band to shut up shop and not let me eat anything more than ice cream and chips. I somehow recorded a loss of 1.5 kilos this month, which was pleasing, but I think that is mostly because my January 1st weigh in was crazy high from Christmas bingeing, and not because I ate particularly well this month.

Not being able to eat this month has just been so frustrating. I am not zen about my band being tight, I fight it every step of the way with grim determination. My band tells me it can't eat the pizza, so we have a stand-off where I spend the next 5 hours picking away until I finally get some of it down. Then I eat a block of chocolate because I feel so unsatisfied by my dinner. People like me should not have lap bands!

So I have finally booked in with my lap band doctor for an unfill on Tuesday night. It seems lifes little stresses are not getting any easier and it is best if I admit defeat and get a lot of fluid out. I just hope that I don't go crazy with the emotional eating when I can get food down again. Maybe tightness was better for me...

I am already expecting to gain a bit of weight this month because I'll be on holidays for 2 weeks for my brother's wedding in Byron Bay and I am not one to cut corners on holiday eating and drinking! I would really like to work on getting my weight back down to below 80 kilos and staying there. I would be thrilled if I could hold a steady 75 kilos (165 lbs) by the middle of the year and then take a break from this weight loss and weight gain roller coaster for a while!


  1. I am with ya. 75kgs by the middle of the year would float my boat. Just not as easy as it sounds at this stage of the journey hey?

  2. I so know what you mean! When my band is just two drops tighter so that I have to have pea sized mouthfuls and chew forever I tend to give up with good food and go for the easy - cheese and crackers, chocolate, popcorn. Lots of popcorn!

    75kg is my goal weight too and I am currently 81.5. I've not lost as much as you (20kg) but these last 5-6kg seem to be nigh on impossible.

    I read a really interesting article in The Australian magazine today about how losing weight and keeping it off is almost scientifically impossible because our body fights to gain it again. I guess that's why we have a lapband but gees, the article depressed me. The couple in the story watched every last kj in and out to main what really weren't fabulous figures.

    Good luck with trudging through. At least the scales were down and not up. Nothing worse than then going up.

    V. (The Babbling Bandit)

  3. Just gotta keep chugging along! You'll get where you want! In the mean time, please check out my blog, you were mentioned.


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