Friday, August 10, 2007

Another Kilo Down

Yay! I somehow managed to lose another kilo this week, bringing me down to 104 kilos (228.8 lbs). I don't feel like I deserve it after the weekend I had, but I am happy to take it. I know all of the damage from last weekend might not have settled in, but hopefully I'll burn that off next week. It feels like double the victory this week because I have really started to lose motivation and almost everyday, at ever meal, I considered going off plan. So I have clawed my way through the week and I couldn't be happier that I made it!

I went shopping last night with mixed success. I could really feel the difference in some of the clothes I was trying on and depending on which shop I am in I range between a 20-24. I actually went to Big W, which I rarely ever do, and they had some really cute tops for $25 (the tops i buy from Myer are normally $90 at least!). I found their sizes to be quite small (well that is my excuse anyway...), but I recommend a look for any larger sized ladies out there with a Big W close by. I was just a little disappointed that I still struggled to fit into a lot of nice things or that they just looked awful on me, but miracles don't happen over night.

I am going out with some girlfriends tomorrow night. I have mentioned before that since I have gained weight I am not a fan of hitting the clubs on a Saturday night, I would much prefer dinner and some wine at a restaurant, some beers at the pub or even going to a nice bar. Night clubs are just not the friend of the fat girl. I'll just have to have quite a few vodkas to try and loosen up so that I can dance off some of the calories! Now what the hell am I going to wear...

NSV: Going to a shopping centre at dinner time and not eating from the food court or indulging in my biggest weakness- pink iced donuts from Donut King. Phew, can't believe I got through it!


  1. Congratulations! :-D

    At the moment I've got the opposite problem with shopping - all of the clothes in mainstream sizes are hideous, while suddenly plus sized stuff looks absolutely gorgeous. Why?! WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY?!?!!

    I've never actually been to a club, it's never really been my scene. Whenever I've been out, we've started at a bar or at someone's house and have had quite an awesome time. Thankfully, my friends all think the same as me and don't try to drag me to clubs and whatnot O_O

  2. I love nightclubs, well, I did when I was 22 anyway. Everyone says "You can't talk, it's to loud!!".... Ahhhmm... yeah, that's right, if you want to talk, go to a coffee shop or a PTA meeting. Nightclubs are for dancing and drinking, and perving!! Who cares what people think? Go out and have a good time!

  3. lol... Clubs are also not usually my thing. Tomorrow is a beer festival my friends and I are headed to and afterward we are going to a club, but in that case I'm not too worried, because I'll be hammered from all the hundreds of beers I'll be consuming throughout the day... haha.... Maybe I'll even dance with a boy! Scandalous, I know... :)

    Congrats on the kilo loss! (We're almost in the 210s! How exciting!)

  4. I love to dance the night away and used to go quite often - of course marriage and weight gain has stopped it for me too. I would love to go out and dance all night.

    CONGRATS on the loss - yes, you deserve it.

  5. I haven't been to a night club in years! Hope you have a blast!


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