Friday, August 17, 2007

Come Fly Away

The day I have been waiting for has finally arrived... I will be boarding a plane to Christchurch, New Zealand this afternoon! I am all packed and ready to go. I have my New Zealand money, my passport and my clothes laid out. My phone, camera and laptop are charged. I bought some new slippers and flannelette pyjamas for those cold New Zealand nights. Hotels and car are booked.

Only problem, I woke up yesterday with a raging cold and today I feel miserable. I have that blocke-up-head-about-to-explode feeling. I am dosing myself up on drugs, so I am sure I will be fine. It is lucky that I booked nice hotels because I might be spending the first couple of days in bed watching movies and ordering room service!

I haven't had a cold since the day I started my new job over a year ago. Since then everyone at my work has had about 5 colds each and I have never caught one of them. I only seem to get sick when big things are happening. I get so nervous and excited that I seem to make myself sick! The flu has been going around a bit here lately too, but at least I know I won't get that because I had my flu shot a few months ago.

Anyway, sickness aside, I am really excited about this holiday. I have never been overseas or even on a holiday, so I am practically jumping out of my skin with excitement. I am spending the first 3 nights in Christchurch, the next 4 in Queenstown and the last 2 back in Christchurch. I won't be doing all that extreme sports that most people got to NZ for, it's not really my thing. I'll be extreme pampering and eating instead!

Holiday Goals:
Lose 10 kilos- tick
Fit into black winter jacket- tick
Fit into black trench coat- tick
Fit into jeans- tick


  1. Oh my God, I didn't even know you were going on holiday! That is so completely exciting! I love that song by Michael Buble. Being on holiday is so wonderful, my Mum has been to New Zealand many times, as she says it is one of her favourite destinations (she has travelled the world!). She says that the minute you get off the plane and look around, the whole place is just so beautiful, the air so fresh and the mountains and scenery so green and lush.
    Have a wonderful time, can't wait to hear about it!

  2. Woo hoo for holidays! I hope you have a fantastic time, and your cold clears up, how typical to get one right before you go away! No doubt caused by the stress of travelling anticipation etc.

  3. Text me as soon as you land! :-D You must be jumping out of your skin, cold or not! Yaaaaay! AND, you have achieved all of your goals, how wicked - noone deserves this holiday more than you do :-D

  4. Oh geez, hope that you can shake that cold before you get too far into that trip. Super excited for you and hope you take some pictures for us. WOULD LOVE to see - never been there, but would love to.

  5. Have an awesome trip!! (and hope you feel better before you get there!)

  6. Good luck!! Enjoy yourself chookie!!

  7. Have a wonderful time! Hope you can get us some pictures!


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