Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let's Try This Again...

I braved the scales on Monday morning and saw quite a shocking gain. I am back up to 110 kilos (242 pounds). I literally did a double take of the scales I was so shocked! I am hoping that some of that was just the Thanksgiving dinner I had stuffed myself full of the night before (I have 2 Canadian sister in laws, so we now celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving- any excuse!).

It was quite devastating to see so much hard work undone, again. I can't believe that I am back up in the 110 decade. I thought I had shaken that number for good this time.

Anyway, the gain is totally deserved, I have been eating whatever I want, whenever I want for a while now. Luckily for me there are still 10 weeks left of this year and still plenty of time to see this year out with a loss.

I am making a few changes this time though. You may have read a while back that I have been dabbling with shake diets on and off. I use them as a quick fix way to drop a few kilos, which is obviously not working! So this time I am doing it the right way- exercise and healthy eating. Since I have been on the shakes I have been too weak to exercise (the whole not eating thing can really take it out of you!) and I just feel so unfit. Then I went to Japan and there is nothing like an overseas trip to highlight just how unfit you are...

My brother is getting married on 1st December and I am resisting the strong urge to go on my shakes and drop 10 kilos before the wedding, instead I would rather feel healthy and energetic. So it will be tough to go back to doing this the slow way, but I think it will definitely be worth it in the end.

The main reason I like the shake diet is because it eliminates food from my life. I am still hungry and I think about food, but I don't have to plan anything around food. I guess I probably have a food addiction and allowing food back into my life is like telling an alcoholic they can have 1 beer a day, it can just send me spiralling toward a week long binge. I can go from the idea of cooking a chicken stir fry to eating KFC in a second in my head. I guess those are issues that I have to sort out if I ever want to live a long and healthy life and ignoring it won't make them go away.


  1. You know where you stand now :-) And it's awesome that you've decided to tackle this head on, warts n'all.

    It is the tough, slow way, but it's the best way to say goodbye to the weight for good (even better is when you stop thinking about the weight and look at other areas of health - fitness goals, healthy food goals - where the weight loss is a pleasant side effect).

    You know how to get in touch with me if you ever want to bitch about how hard it gets, because damn, its hard, but it's great to share these things since we are all in it together :-D

  2. Don't worry too much about the gain, if it was partly due to the Thanksgiving dinner (yay Canada!), then within a couple days of loads of water, and healthy eating, some of that will come off easily.

    I definitely think you should get to the healthy eating/exercise, as opposed to the shakes... maybe the fact that you can't eat any food on that diet makes eating regular food a guilty prospect (and at least for me, when I start feeling guilty, I just go into a bad eating spiral)...

    You can do it! - we're all here to help (or at least, try to help)... :)

  3. Looks and sounds like you had a marvelous time in Japan. I am so glad you are back. Time to get to work! I think all of us have a goal for the first of the year. You can do it.

  4. I'm with Marshmallow on this, work on being healthy and fit, and the weight will come off too! Eat healthy, try not to resort to fast weight loss methods cos it all comes back on ....as you have found out.

  5. It's so easy to fall off the wagon - I come and go so easily. Glad you are back. :)

  6. I am where you are babe. Even though I haven't regained all, I am back up to 80.5 again, and my period is gone. I don't want to lose that 10kgs all over again, so I am back on the wagon as of today. I know the next few months are going to be crazy, but I just have to do the best I can each day. We can do it Tully!

  7. I'll join you, bring it on :o) !!!
    We will do it the healthy way, no cheats.

    so here starts the 10kg challenge :o)

  8. That sucks about the gain, Im hovering at the moment and would like to see some kilos gone quick smart! Im totally with you on the eating healthy thing, sometimes my mind goes.... if I just do this diet I'll lose weight really quick, but past history has shown me that it never works in the long run, so just eating well, cutting out the bad fats and carbs and eating wholesome food is my new approach!! Best of luck to you hun xxx

  9. That is tough, but don't be hard on yourself. There are times we all will regain. Just keep on bein' healthy.

    I'd like to invite you to join, Sharing a Healthy Path, my support and information group for anyone with 100 pounds or more to lose, ready to commit to a healthy lifestyle. The goal of Sharing a Healthy Path is to establish a community committed to a long term vision of personal, healthy change.

    All the best!

  10. Hey, hope this week has been better for you, let us know how everything is going!

  11. I know how you feel. I have been in a backslide on the wt for about 6 weeks now and trying to figure out how to end my craving for the junk. You are right, the slow way is the best way. Shakes don't teach us how to eat long term their just a fixer.

    I still can't figure out how to combat my bad times = eating too much food cycle. It plays with your head and gets me down. Exercise is always a key to getting back on track to the healthy living for me. I hope you find what works for you.


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