Friday, October 05, 2007


I am off to Tokyo for work tomorrow at the crack of dawn. I haven't really had time to get excited because I have been too busy getting myself organised. I am sure it will hit me when I get on the plane tomorrow. I am just looking forward to having 11 hours to sleep, watch movies and read on the plane. I am even excited about airplane food!

So a bit of a last minuted question... I have never been to the bathroom on a plane before because I have never been on a plane for a long enough period of time to necessitate it. Do you think I'll be able to fit in the bathroom??? I all of a sudden had a bit of a panic attack last night thinking about this. I am flying QANTAS, in case that makes any difference in regards to size. I remember looking at them on my last flight and thinking they look tiny and I have heard of people that can't fit in the bathroom on a plane. So should I start weaning myself off liquids now so that I am prepared for a long flight with no toilet break? Gees being fat is annoying!

It is so strange to think I will be in Tokyo tomorrow. I might not be able to post from there because I am taking a work laptop and I am scared of using it to blog in case my blog address gets saved in the history and someone from work finds it. Paranoid!

Notice I didn't post a weigh in today? No prizes for guessing why... :-)


  1. At 128 kilos ... I did not fit in the plane's bathroom, had to 'hold' on for 9 hours going to Singapore, it was hell on earth! You are around 105? at the moment, you should be fine chick!!!! Have a fantastic time in Tokyo, I can only imagine how exciting it will be!!!! You lucky girl~

  2. Enjoy your time in Tokyo! I'm sure once you're on the flight, THEN the excitment will kick in (be sure to pop off an email or two to me even if you can't manage to blog in the time that you're there!)

    As for fitting in the bathroom, I'm absolutely certain that you'll be fine :-)

    Have a great time!

  3. having done a flight to tokyp recently (weighing the saem, if not slightly more) I can tell you 100% you will have no problems.

  4. no problem :) glad I could help. Be aware that this weekend is a long one (monday is a public holiday). That means that things may be a little busier (though, being tokyo I suppose it wouldn't make that much difference) and that some ATMs may be closed. Japan is very much a cash society (though again, it's the capital so things may be a little different there) so keep that in mind.

  5. Have a wonderful and safe trip. We will be expecting a full update on your return! I hope you took a camera!

  6. Have a great trip! And I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised at how easily you fit in the plane toilet.

    HAVE FUN! Eat some awesome sushi and then come back and tell me ALL ABOUT IT.

  7. Aawwww .... See ya!!! Bring me home a gift!! lol

  8. Just found you through Mellisa.

    You absolutely will fit in the plane toilet.

    Have a great trip!


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