Friday, May 02, 2008

Au Revoir Melbourne

I am leaving for the airport in a couple of hours for a 23 hour flight to London for work. I'll spend the first 3 days in London, then 5 days in Oxford, 2 days in London and 5 days in Oxford. Then I will go to Rome for a week and then to Paris for a week, both of those are holiday- yay! At this point I am just looking forward to getting some sleep on the plane because I am so tired.

This is my first trip to Europe so I am excited to see everything and experience everything. Anyone have any tips for plus size fashion in London, Paris or Rome? The clothes over here are just so awful at the moment, I am really struggling to find anything to wear.

I haven't planned anything because I just haven't had time, but I have my flights and hotels booked and my Lonely Planets so I guess I will just take it as it comes. I am looking forward to just waking up and doing what ever I feel like. Of course at the the top of my list of things to do is eat pizza and gelati in Rome and drink French wine in Paris! Oh god, I can already feel those kilos piling on as I type...

OK, I have some last minute packing to do. Ciao. Au Revoir.


  1. Go to Monsoon in London - they do great stuff up to a size 24 I think.

    H&M also do some stuff but you'll have to pick through a bit.

    If you are after knee high boots I would throroughly recommend who do boots in heaps of different calf sizes. A miracle!
    And bravissimo does awesome underwear if you have decent cleavage!



  2. My faves for plus size fashion in the UK are Evans, Monsoon and Dorothy Perkins.

    In fact I am wearing Dorothy Perkins tops right now :) Excellent quality and not too pricey..

    Have a lovely time :)

  3. You have NOOOOOO idea how jealous I am of you! Rome and Paris?!?!?! That is so awesome! And London, I guess... but ROME AND PARIS! You'll get to have Italian food in Italy! And French food in France!


  4. I don't know what you will think of London ... but Oxford is very beautiful. My partner did his undergraduate there and and we go occasionally for alumni soirees etc. It is just old and beautiful (not the town sprawl but around the colleges of the university.

    Think you will love continental Europe as well, Paris is a FANTASTIC city. I'm not a big drinker but even I have to admit that so many of the wines are Delicious. I'm not trying to be evil, but their pastries are the best I have ever had. The eclairs and macaroons and pain aux ... Oh God ... I'm drooling on my keyboard ... seriously though Tully, taste but don't go on a bender ... seriously, you will regret it when you get back. You can enjoy Europe without losing the plot. Have a fabulous time and look forward to hearing about it.

    PS. European clothes are also fantastic but cut a little on the narrow side to me, though I suppose you may find more options in London. Just take a walk from one end of Oxford Street to the other and see what you see. Olivia's suggestions sound great.

  5. I'm jealous too! But I second the endorsements for Monsoon and Evans in London.

    Have a terrific trip and let us know how it goes!!!

  6. Oooh I've just found your blog and probably just missed you but in case you log in Europe-side I'll add my faves:

    The plus size shopping in the UK has improved in leaps and bounds - Next, Monsoon, Dorothy Perkins and Marks & Spencers all go up into the 20s in their STANDARD ranges. The same damn fine clothes skinny lasses get to wear - bliss!

    H&M does a great plus range which is really fashionable.

    Evans is a fat-shop but it has to be said it really isn't a bad one and has served many of us very well over the years. Great place for wider-legged boots as well.

    I hope you have a fabulous trip. Wow London, Rome, Paris.... *jealous*


  7. hi
    In the uk you should try Wallis and Principles both shops go up to a uk size 20. Also Next goes up to a size 20 but not all the shops stock the larger sizes.

  8. How exciting! Hope you're having a great time!


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