Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm In London Still, la la, London Still

Hello from sunny London. Yes you read that correctly, SUNNY London! Who would have thought it would be so hot here, certainly not me when I packed...

So the flight here was horrendous. Not only am I fat, but I get claustrophobic and normally don't use public transport at all because I panic, so 23 hours on a packed flight- not fun. Oh and babies on planes, well I know there is no way around it, but jesus christ it's annoying. Sorry to all those parents, I know it must be awful to get filthy looks from people around you while your poor baby is screaming all night.

So I arrived in London at 5.30 am last Saturday and managed to get a train into Covent Garden to my hotel quite easily. I was wide awake so I set off to do some exploring right away. I would like to blame the jet lag for the two photos below that I took...

I was smart enough to arrive on a bank holiday weekend, so I spent Saturday and Sunday touring around and exploring.

A double decker bus tour

Changing of the guard, Buckingham Palace

Changing of the guard, Buckingham Palace

Trafalgar Square

My big head in Trafalgar Square

A traditional Sunday roast with Yorkshire pudding- Yum!

A spot of shopping at Harrods

Then Monday night I headed out to Oxford for work. It was easy to forget that I am actually here for work, but I soon remembered when I got into the office... So I have been pretty busy all week at work. It was great to meet all my colleagues that I work so closely with. I hear their names so often that it was almost like meeting celebrities!

I left work a little early today (Friday) and caught the train back into London for the weekend. I am staying in the West End, so I am going to see Chicago tonight and hoping to see a couple more shows over the weekend. I also want to go on the London Eye, to the British Museum, West Minster Abbey and lots more. I am not going to have time for everything I want to do.

Oh and I have met the devil in the shape of a chocolate bar and it is the Peanut Butter Kit Kat. Oh good god this thing is amazing and chocolate is so cheap here. Lord help me.


  1. I'm sooo jealous! London and musicals and peanut butter kit kats oh my!

  2. Woohoo! I'd say I'm jealous, but that'll be me soon too :) I'm sad that we're not there together, shows would have been fun! You're packing in so much in such a short time, your should be proud of your sight seeing efforts!

  3. Omg.. how exciting to be so far away from home!!!!
    And yeah..I am a menace when I am drinkin ;o) Hoping to come over for a melb bloggers meet oneday!
    As for kitkats... hmm when the origional first came out in chunky style.... woolies had them for 40c each... so we bought a box of them... (my husband at the time...) I didnt know I was gluten intollerant at the time either... sooooo needless to say i got very sick on I was eating two a day easily.. haha
    oh those were the days.... the very very fat days....

  4. Sounds like you really have fitting in heaps. Love the sunday roast piccie - you certainly got a good one there... yummmmmmm!

    Hope you continue to have a blast (with not *too* much work)

  5. * "have fitted" or
    * "are fittng"

    jeez Ani - check your grammar girl before posting in public places ;-)

  6. Gosh, that looks so exciting! Great photos! And a peanut butter kit kat?!?!?!?! *death*

    Glad to see you're having a great time over there :) Cant wait to hear tales about your Rome and Paris adventures :D

  7. Sounds like you're having a fantastic time. One thing I miss about home is the chocolate, it just doesn't taste the same anywhere else. Though, I can see that it's probably a good thing that I don't have the option here, resisting what they do have is already difficult enough.

  8. Ugh! Don't talk to me about sunny London. I left sunny London yesterday and arrived in cold and cloudy LA! What happened? I packed the few bits of summer clothing I have and didn't even bring a jacket. Enjoy the sunshine and be sure to laugh at all the sun-hungry Brits turning lobster red in the sun!

    I should have been kind enough to warn you about the chocolate too. It is gooooood isn't it?

  9. I'm so glad you're having fun but honestly, girl, I am SOOO jealous right now! Hug a London cabbie for me!

  10. Sounds like you are having such a good time.

    That roast looks soooooo delicious!!! mmmmmmmmm

    Miss Pinky

  11. Thanks so much for your lovely comment Tully. Enjoy the rest of your trip - I absolutely loooooove Paris! The pastries are to die for - even better than peanut Kit Kats!

  12. Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! And I have been one of those moms with the crying baby on the plane, it's no picnic for her either :(

  13. ooohhh, so jealous. Though if there was anyway of getting to europe that didn't involve stupid amounts of time in a tiny space with unhappy babies that would be good too. Apparently my sister screamed all the way through a long haul flight when she was sixteen months old. ug.

  14. Step away from the Peanut Butter Kit Kat!!! LOL!!! I thought about you when I saw the sun. Think you brought it with you.

    Glad you are having so much fun. You look so cute and happy in your photos.

  15. I just came across your blog and I know what a hot weekend in London that was as it was just befor emy 40th birthday, and I really hated being 320 lbs (145 kg) and sweating like a pig.

    I like the title of your blog as well -- something that has been said to me quite a few times as well.

    Best wishes,


Awww thanks so much for the comment!