Saturday, December 19, 2009

Hang In There

This has been a long year and thank christ it is nearly over. I am completely at the end of my rope and I'm exhuatsed. I think the long hours at work, travel, surgery and weight loss this year have just left me drained. I have been trying to keep up the exercise, but my body is not a willing participant right now. I physically haven't been able to work out as much as I normally would and even when I do, I haven't been able to put 100% in or even finish the workout sometimes. My body needs a break.

Yesterday was my last day at work for the year and it could not have come quick enough. I was supposed to start annual leave a week ago, but I had to work an extra week at the last minute because we were so busy and every day felt like forever. We had the work Christmas party yesterday and I was so sick of work and everyone I work with that I wasn't sure I would last the day, but luckily people are much more bearable after I have drunk a bottle of wine. So, just like every work Christmas party I have ever been to, I got way too drunk and said a heap of inappropriate stuff that I shouldn't have and I'm having some bad flashbacks today. I guess that is why there is a 2 week break after the work Christmas party, for those of us that are hoping our colleagues will forget what we said and did.

It would be nice to spend the next 2 weeks off work getting lots of exercise in and focussing on losing weight, but I suspect from all the stuff I have on between now and the New Year that weight loss won't be high on the agenda. I think until the end of the year my focus will just be to get some rest, not gain weight and have lots fun!


  1. You've got to love the work Xmas party don't u? I think that's why they've given us the next 3 weeks off too. See you soon x

  2. Oh yes, the work xmas party. Ours are dry because a certain colleague set fire to someone's curtains afew years ago....

  3. I gave a friend in a similar situation, take a while just to relax, on the overall scheme of things if you don't work out and do exercise for a week or so it is no drama. Take time to recover and be fresh for the new year. Martine

  4. 2009 was a successful year for you in regards to weight loss - be proud of what you've achieved and take this time relax and unwind a bit, it won't be long before the daily grind is back again.

    As to the work christmas party ... lol ... i've been there and done that and now refuse to drink at them! The last one I embarrassed myself at was about 8 years ago and i still get reminded of it constantly.

  5. I cmompletely understand babe. We finsh up on Christmas Eve, then I leave work and start driving to Melbourne to make it in time for Christmas dinner at my cousins. I am going to enjoy it once I finally kick back. I think I'll take some cocktail mix cause I'm going to need it. LOL

    Have a Merry Christmas and I pray 2010 is your best year ever.

  6. At least you didn't get nekkid!

    Happy Holidays! I have said Eff It til January also, so bring on the lard cakes and booze!!


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