Thursday, December 03, 2009

There's Something Different About You...

After losing 30 kilos, I am just starting to get to the point where people are noticing that something is different about me. I can see them give me the once over as they are talking to me and thinking "she's still fat, so she can't have lost weight, so it must be something else". Then one of the following (all of which I have had over the past month) will pop out of their mouths:

Your dress looks lovely- It's the same dress I have worn to work about once a week for 2 years now.

I love how you do your make-up- Every time I lose weight I get this one, but I have done my make-up the same for about the last 10 years.

You're hair looks great today- All of a sudden my hair looks great, but it's the same hair and same style I had 30 kilos ago.

You look healthy- Hmmm, not quite sure exactly what that means.

Your earrings are nice- The same big silver hoops I have had for 3 years and wear every day.

You have nice eyebrows- Ummm, ok, been plucking them the same way since I was 16.

You look tanned!- Nope, just as pasty white as yesterday.

Don't get me wrong, it's lovely to get such sweet compliments, but it just makes me laugh to hear the hilarious things people come up with rather than noticing that I have lost weight. I know when I was really fat I felt that people didn't truly see me and hearing some of the things people have said to me lately really proves this to be true.


  1. My dad's all prupose weight loss related compliment is 'you're looking well' as it avoids all the potential pifalls of implying that I was fat to begin with. It took us 26 years to train him, but he's getting there.

  2. I think the above comment hits the nail on the head. People DO notice, but don't want to say anything weight related in case it gets taken the wrong way.
    By complimenting you on something else, they still get to make you feel good and acknowledge that you're looking great, without taking the risk of offending you or saying the wrong thing.
    Just take the compliments honey, you look amazing!

  3. I agree with weight has fluctuated so much over the years, that many people don't really comment on when I have lost weight..but compliment me on other things.

    You just have to accept it and believe me give it another 5-10 kilos and there is NO WAY they can ignore it!

  4. Haha. I lost 25 pounds this summer, so in my experience it's true, some people know that something is different, but they can't figure out what it is! Haha.

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  6. 30 Kilos is huge! I know this feeling though!

    I saw my dad after not seeing him after loosing almost 25 and he said nothing! Neither did my brothers..who I hadn't seen for the whole time...

    I think all of a sudden people will notice that it is the weight and ask you. That's what happened at my work with the blokes here. I remember it being along the lines of "Chan, have you, like, lost a heap of weight"?

    You're doing so well :)

  7. Its strange that people cant complement you on your loss, rather then making it seem like you have done something better.

    Weight becomes a taboo issue with people, oh look she is fat, dont stare she'll think we are talking about her. I have friends do it all the time, and I think its disgusting.

    Although I think its nice in a way, that they are making an issue out of your weight, rather, just letting you know they appreciate the way you look.

    Congrats on 30 kilos. Thats an amazing effort!

  8. The oddest comment I ever got?

    "You seem to be walking easier these days"

    WTF? It's not like my fat had crippled me or something.

  9. 3o kilos is a lot. Amazing!

    I'm with Kenz and Roo. Even me, a big gal, when I see someone's last lost weight I do not explicitly say, "wow you've lost weight, you look great!" because I don't want to imply that they didn't look great before (I like to compliment my friends all the time, no matter what their weight and I feel all of them are beautiful) and I don't want them to feel like their on the spot if they haven't told me about their wt lss efforts or wanting to lose weight. Plus, saying this out loud seems silly, but, I also don't want to jinx them by putting too much pressure on them.

    However, if they do mention wt lss and their effort to lose then I am all over it and tell them I notice and they look great.

  10. I think that part where you say that "no one saw/noticed you when you were 30kg heavier" is EXACTLY what I think ALL the time.

    Excet my F%&$*@ mother in law. I know, she knows, that I have lost SO much weight... but she will not say anything.

    I can whither away to a size 8 - and she still wouldnt say shit.

    L xx

  11. Congrats on 30kg's!!!!! I'm with Kenz & Miss M.

    I once complimented a friend saying how great she was looking & that I thought she'd lost weight. She said No, I've put on 5kgs.

    Like Miss M said, I'd rather not put people in that position & unless they've bought up their weight loss first, I avoid it.

    You can bet your bottom dollar next time I see you I will say Tully you look great you've LOST SO MUCH WEIGHT!!! :0) xo

  12. I absolutely believe that the larger you are the less people see you. A guy I used to work with was so friendly and nice when I was thin and barely talked to me when I was heavy. It was so obvious.

    Enjoy the compliments and don't let that 99 number scare you away. You're going to break through it and keep it off for good this time. I'm sure of it.

  13. It is so true. People don't take the time to get to know you if you are heavy. Funny how the "sticks" get all the attention and they don't even have to try.

    So sad.

  14. I am sure it's been said already, but it could be that with your weight loss you are feeling happier and feeling better about yourself and projecting these vibes. So it might not be that people didn't really see you before, but that people are responding to this positive energy which is being radiated from you -- making them compliment you on all these little things you've not not done anything to.

  15. I've definitely noticed that the heavier I am the more invisible I become. And I've had the hair comment as well!

    The funny thing is that I've been asked if I've lost weight when I haven't, and when I have no-one says a thing...

    As others have said you look great and you should definitely take the compliments with a smile :)

  16. I'm just starting my weight-loss journey, but I'm not telling anyone about it because I want to see how long (and how many pounds) it takes before people notice.

    Oh, and as far as dads commenting on weight loss, the last time I lost weight (a couple years ago) he said, "I've noticed you've lost weight. Good job. Your butt was getting really big." No I'm not joking, he really said that. Oh well. I expect him to say something stupid most of the time.

  17. I get the same thing from my family. All my friends keep complimenting me on my weight loss but those in my family just keep saying 'your shape is changing'!

  18. I agree with the above -- some people feel uncomfortable commenting on weight loss. I think it's fair enough, esp for guys cos it's such a minefield.

    Btw ummm maybe you should think of updating your wardrobe and makeup. That's a long time to be keeping the same look.

  19. It's great that people are acknowledging there's something different about you. But 30kgs IS a LOT of weight and you deserve specific recognition for that. Personally I think you've done an awesome job - well done.

  20. I get a rare comment and then it's normally "Have you done something different with your hair?" or "You look really healthy" (Does that mean I always looked like shit)

    Meh from 100kg babe you'll see it drop off faster and faster. Paper towel theory you see.

    If you want an explanation of that email me

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