Sunday, November 21, 2010

Clothes and Shoes and Other Girly Things

I know I shouldn't post about buying pretty new clothes without pictures to show you, but I have heaps of things coming up over the next fews weeks where I'll be wearing them and I promise I'll post pictures when I am glammed up. Right now I need to wax my legs, paint my toe nails, slap on some fake tan and put on some make up, and I am too vain to post pictures of myself in this sorry state.

I did wear my new size 16 jeans today and it turns out that I don't actually have a muffin top above them like I thought, I actually have a whole three tiered wedding cake instead! In fact, after wearing them all day I could actually need a new kidney. These jeans may have been a premature purchase... Nothing like a little extra motivation I guess!

While I am talking shopping, I also had to buy some new shoes recently. Why you ask (well as if I need an excuse)? I have actually gone down a whole shoe size since I lost weight. I have heard people say this happens, but I didn't think I carried any extra weight on my feet and they were always the thinnest part of my body. So now I have gone from a size 8 to a size 7 (God I wish I was talking about jeans sizes instead of shoe sizes) and I need all new shoes. This losing weight business is freaking expensive.

Can I just ask one question while we are talking girly stuff? It's coming on summer here and I look so much better (thinner) with a tan, but applying fake tans are beyond messy, smelly and annoying. So the beauty shop downstairs from my apartment does spray tans and I am thinking of getting one. Has anyone ever had one? Do they look natural at all and will I have to be naked?


  1. Spray tans are fun! You will need to strip down to your undies but it's not too bad otherwise. Be aware that you MAY look a little orange at first, but once you have your first shower, you'll be good. And moisturise tons afterwards to make it last :)

  2. Yes, go for a spray tan! Another tip is to moisturise dryer bits eg: elbows, ankles etc before tanning so they don't soak in more colour and look darker.

    Do shower before bed though, so it doesn't cover your sheets!

  3. Congrats again on your huge milestone of getting into the 70's.
    I was there briefy in June but BAM back up again.

    Spray tans are aweome. Make sure you exfoliate well before hand and your skin is smooth.
    I went topless but wore shorts.. I know stupid huh but no one was gonna be seeing my bike shorts mask anyway. I loved it.
    You'll feel like you've lost another 5 kilos when your that dark trust me :0)

  4. I love spray tans! As previously mentioned exfoliate before and moisturise heaps after the first shower. Best is to get it done in the morning and then shower before dinner. I am heaps pale and look much better with a spray tan. Last summer I got a few done. The places I have been have paper g-strings to wear and I just barely fit into them which was a bit embarrassing. Take your own old undies if you don't want to put on their paper ones.

    They are addictive though. You'll never go back to the stuff you apply yourself. V.

  5. I had one once and didn't like it. I think I prefer to be 'pale and interesting' anyways.

    Basically I think you can be as naked as you want to be - if you don't want to show bits then no point getting them done esp if you feel uncomfortable. But as ppl have said, wear old clothes.

    Also, this prolly doesn't apply to anyone but me anyway -- don't write "Ben Cousins" in love heart on your arm in glitter pen after the spray tan... lolz... not funny when you realise the glitter pen takes the tan off and it's there until the tan fades!

  6. Have you tried Jergens Natural Glow lotion(different from the fake tan stuff)? You apply it like normal lotion and over a few days it gives you a subtle tan. Friends who have used it really like it (I have dark skin so haven't tried it). Not sure if it's available in Australia but you might want to give it a try.

  7. I was going to mention the Jergens stuff too. I've been using it and love it. (An added plus, it forced me to lotion up my legs which I'm really bad about doing ordinarily.)

  8. I had a spray tan done for my wedding. I had the lightest shade possible (it was the Aviva brand). I liked it for about a week but the patchiness when it wears off is a bit poxy so unless you want to get it done every two weeks, I wouldn't bother!

    Em :)

  9. love a spray tan! i just dont like the days after when it goes blotchy. unless its for a spec occasion i do my own with le tan spray in a can and it works great. i even used it for my wedding.

    ps. yes you have to nude up but the chicks that do it dont bat an eye lid. trust me.

  10. I've never done spray tans - and I've always had bad experiences with fake tans too. However I recently discovered a DOVE moisturiser that has a bit of tanning in it. You just put it on each morning after you shower and it builds up gradually - and no streaks!!!

    It works out cheaper than a spray tan and my local beautician said I would get a week out of a spray tan (which she seemed to think was a lot - but I don't!!)

  11. I lost a shoe size and gained a half of a inch in height ;-)

    I use a product called Amber Sun- the BEST foam bronzer there is, lasts 3-5 days and gives you deep, dark, instant colour.

    Bought it during my last spray tan session to help extend it, haven't been back because this stuff is better.

  12. Hey

    Ive recently lost 65kgs and ive gone down a shoe size very upsetting :( but a great excuse to go shopping!!

    Congrats though your looking fantastic :)



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