Thursday, March 17, 2011

Size 16 Jeans

Well the title kind of says it all. I bought these size 16 jeans back in November and thought they fit... then I nearly ruptured an internal organ wearing them one day and I decided they needed to be put away for a little while. When I got to 75 kilos (165 lbs) last week I tried them on again and they fit. Finally...

I was a little nervous wearing them for the first time because I had a very long day ahead of me and I have a bad habit of choosing uncomfortable clothes at the most inopportune times. That day I was catching a train to the country, spending all day/night at a music festival and then driving back to Melbourne in the middle of the night. A very long day for tight jeans!

AJ knows me too well and he had no faith in me at all. When he picked me up at 1.00 am he bought along a loose dress in case I needed to get changed before our car ride home. There was no need though because I was perfectly comfortable. Well, I did undo the top button of my jeans by about 2.00 am, but that's normal right?

I have to say that I cannot believe it took getting to 75 kilos to finally get into size 16 jeans. Back when I started this whole weight loss thing I thought I would be in size 16's when I got under 100 kilos, little did I know just what a long slog it would be. I'm bloody exhausted!

Of course I have photos of my first day wearing my size 16 jeans. Though I might need to fire my photographer because they are terrible... I will give him leniency because it was very early on a Sunday morning.


  1. What a cute outfit! Love it :)

    It must feel great to be in those jeans, even if you have had to wait such a long time :)

    It's funny how sizes change though - I'm a (tight) 16 at the moment (90kg), but at 76kg I was in a size 10, and I'm only 8cm taller than you. You'll possibly find that you drop sizes very quickly now! That's always nice (for the ego, anyway, though not so much for the wallet!)

  2. You look great! I absolutely LOVE your style too. You always look so put together!

  3. You should buy clothes in the States. I'm a bit bigger than you (77 kg.) and am a US size 10!

    You look beautiful!

  4. You look like a size.. 12.
    I swear!

    Where did you get the jeasn from?

  5. you stylish girl you! like like like!!!! :0)

    fabulous feeling to fit into them comfortably!!!

  6. Long time reader here - just wanted to say that you look AMAZING! You should be really, really proud of yourself.

    The jeans are fabulous.... but the look of happiness in your eyes is the best bit, you're positive glowing inside and out!

    Well done :)

  7. You look teeny tiny. I would say those jeans actually look a bit loose.

  8. You always look so fantastic!!! I loved the day I got into my 16 jeans now im down to a 14 it was unreal feeling in those jeans!! Like the others have said your style is awesome! You are looking fantastic!!!!

    Steph :)

  9. Dare I say it? They almost look loose!! :D

  10. You look amazing and so tiny. It must be nice to be able to wear clothes you like rather than just whatever fits. I agree with the others, you have a lovely style - pretty and classic with a dash of fun!

  11. Ps. AJ is just so thoughtful... Awww! :-)

  12. You look AMAZING!! And you are right, it is BLOODY exhausting! I have been trying so hard to get under a certain number and I'm just kind of bobbing around it. I want to give up an eat a piece of cake. But I am going to be 40 this year and I am determined not to be a fat ass anymore. Look out world, here comes April in leather pants!


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