Friday, November 25, 2011

Operation Bridesmaid Bulge

Oh my God. It is exactly 3 months today until I have to be a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding. How is it that I have let myself get fatter between now and when I first found out? I wasn't looking to lose a stack of weight, but a few kilos would have been nice.

We ordered our bridesmaids dresses online the other day and, according to the measurements we took, I am a size 24. WTF. Bloody Asian sizing... sob.

There is no fading into the background in a (size 24) coral chiffon bridesmaids dress so there is only one thing to do-- get my arse into gear. I have exactly 3 months to get back down to my lightest (and most comfortable) weight. Regular weighing in will resume on December 1 and I will be talking a lot more about diet and exercise and less about food and wine on this blog! But first, here are some recent pictures of me eating and drinking way too much...

Me dressed up for a race day party and practicing posing... after a discussion on an article we had all read on posing for photos. Not really a natural look!

Later that night with my brother... this is more like my natural look!

With an old friend at a wedding.

Seemingly enjoying that cupcake way more than is appropriate!


  1. You poor thing ! And Coral Chiffon as well. Good luck. Martine

  2. I'm right there with you. Maid of Honor. Hot pink satin. I'm still not sure if I'm more worried about the dress or the speech. Luckily I have until September, but still the pressure is on!

  3. You look so pretty in the black dress with the flower! Don't let the size of the dress upset you too much....I know here in Canada bridal wear is ALWAYS larger sized than regular clothes (why? you'd think they'd want brides/bridesmaids to feel better by making the sizes smaller!).

  4. Good luck with the the diet towards dress size thing-- but also, just eat your best and exercise your best for you.. remember: you'll be in that dress for a few hours, so who cares to put so much pressure on yourself over some fabric??
    Live a good and healthy life and I'm with you all the way!!

  5. I'm totally loving your race day outfit!

    I will join you in your weight loss efforts; over winter I always seem to forget how miserable summer is when you're fat. :S

    I have half a post written about Uni. In a nut shell though, to answer your question - I L.O.V.E Dunedin, the culture, the life I have down there, living away from my family...especially living away from my family! hahaha .... I just H.A.T.E.D. my course.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!