Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Oops!... I Did It Again

Yes, I know Britney, I am frustrated with myself too...

Yet again, I am coming into winter with a jacket that is too small for me. I really did not intend for this to happen, this wasn't one of those motivational purchases to help me shed weight. When it started getting cold I spent hours shopping in the city trying to find a jacket that I liked, that fit me and that didn't cost $700. Unfortunately I was not successful so I turned to online shopping for help. I ended up finding two jackets that were on sale from Boohoo.com, the first one being only $54 and perfect for wearing to work and the second one only $30 and great for casual weekend wear. Awesome!

Well, not so awesome as it turns out. When I got my new purchases in the mail and tried them on I discovered that they did not fit me at all. Once again, I will be freezing my arse off until I can manage to slim down enough to squeeze into my jackets. I guess being tortured by freezing conditions is one way to motivate myself...

I just hope that I am just as successful as I was last year at getting into my winter jacket. Until then, I will need to buy thermals!


  1. Nothing like freezing your tits off to motivate you! I'm having the same problem with last years summer clothes...its no fun not fitting into clothes...boooo - hang in there -you'll be zipped up in no time!

  2. yeah online shopping can be give or take... don't take it personally, they're probably bad with their sizing

  3. i love online shopping . . . most of the time. :p


  4. Cute coats tho! You will be in them in no time!

  5. Nice jackets and not too bad really. You'll be fitting into them in no time :)

  6. I have never bought an item of clothing online... cos I know that unless you try it on... you have a high risk of it not fitting.
    I hope you are in your jackets soon.

    Or ... go buy more... only the next size up.

    I have masses of clothes I've bought on impulse, hoping to 'shrink' into them... still can't wear them.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!