Thursday, April 12, 2007

A New Low

So after my last smug post about not eating any Easter eggs on Easter I really blew it.

On Easter night I had KFC for tea while my friend and I went for a drive down the coast. A few hours later I was still a little bit peckish and got a McChicken from Maccas. Then at 3.30am while I was sitting up and watching the cricket, my friend decided to get a middle of the night snack and I couldn't refuse, so we got Whopper's from Hungry Jacks (Burger King).

3 different fast food places in less then 12 hours. I disgust even myself!


  1. Oh wow, sounds like fun. Seriously! Cricket and then junk foodies? MmMmmm! [Note to self... have cheesecake and fish and chips on standby for 20th April clash between New Zealand and Australia :-D]

    PLEASE don't beat yourself up over it. This doesn't mean that you're a failure or anything like that; and your striving for 'perfection' might be more harmful for you in the long run than all of that food.

    Move on. Just move on.

  2. It's too bad about what happened Easter evening. Try not to get too down.

  3. Well, at least you went "all out". Just have to get back on track!

  4. Sounds like someone I know!! *wink*


Awww thanks so much for the comment!