Friday, June 20, 2008

Fat is All Around

I have had that song "Love is all around" stuck in my head for weeks, well to be more specific a line of that song:

I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes...

Unfortunately it is not love I am feeling, it is weight gain. In every part of my body I can feel the extra weight I have gained. When I cross my legs, put my panty hose on, get into the car or dry myself after having a shower I can feel it everywhere. Don't even get me started on clothes.

I am pretty disappointed in myself for letting all that hard work go to waste and being back where I started at in January. I can vividly remember the night of my high school reunion (well the start, the rest is an alcohol induced blur) at the end of March and I had gotten my weight down to about 96 kilos. I was getting ready with my friend and slid my new skinny jeans on and my new top bought from a 'normal' sized clothes shop and I felt amazing. I really felt like in that moment there was nothing I couldn't do and all my self loathing disappeared.

Why in the world do I keep doing this when I know how wonderful the alternative can be?


  1. I know exactly how you feel! I gained a lot a weight in recent months and all my work has been unravelled. It does a number on your head.

  2. It's a horrible feeling, isn't it! Fat should know once it's gone, it should stay gone.

  3. Feel for you.. Really do... those thoughts can creep into almost every thought during your waking hours...

    But, you worked so hard to get to where you got to.. and that work need to be continued for life... commitment... and the desire to get what you want will get you there!

  4. I am hearing you!!! I totally sympathise with how you feel because I feel like that too right now....everything feels just grose!

    Never fear....we WILL get our mojo back and jump back on the wagon.


  5. I'm the queen of recent weight gain and all I can say is, nip it in the bud today. Not tomorrow.

  6. It sucks so much, and it feels so defeating, but you've been there before and you can get there again, and surpass it!

  7. I've been there before. Last year I had gotten down to about 250 lbs before things started going "wrong" in my life and I found myself back at over 300 lbs again.

    It is a pain to have to lose the same weight again, but it's gotta be done!

  8. Hang in there lady ... it happens to all of us! Does not make it any easier ... but you are not alone! Hugs!

  9. Oh hon :-(

    I know how it feels, and I know that anything I say won't make it feel better. And the thought of having to go through all that effort to get there again, I bet it feels insurmountable, huh?


    Aside from that, I'm looking forward to meeting you on Sunday! :-D

  10. Oh dear!!! I know just how you feel. I HATE when I can feel the fat in my fingers ... that's a really sign for me.

    You deserve to mourn a little and then get back to work. You have brought the weight down before and you can again. You ABSOLUTELY CAN!!! :)

  11. Boy oh Boy, looks like we are all down in the dumps...I've gained some 10 lbs too in the past few months, clothes are tightening up, and I am struggling to remain on track-but we do need to accept it, decide to get back on track and nip this thing in the bud. You can totally do it, and we can do it together! K.


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