Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Kicking Along

So it was a long weekend here in Melbourne and I got a stomach bug on Friday afternoon and was sick all the way through until Monday night. Way to wreck a long weekend! At least I got plenty of rest and I must of dropped a few of those holiday kilos because I couldn't keep anything down.

I am only just over the jet lag, I had no idea it could be that bad. I managed to get through work OK but by then time I got home I would feel so tired it was almost like I was drunk and I would be asleep by 7.30 pm- which is weird for me because I never go to bed early. I was fine going over to the UK, but coming back to Australia was a killer.

So now I really need to get back into eating better and doing some exercise but the only time I seem to remember is when I am getting dressed in the morning and looking at all the clothes that don't fit me. Other then that I have just gone straight back into working silly hours again and eating what is closest/quickest/easiest which I can assure you does not equal healthiest!

I am still working on my holiday picture post, but it is coming along slowly. I am not sure if it is my computer or blogger, but uploading each picture takes ages and I don't have the patience for it at the moment.

This could be the most boring post ever.


  1. Jet lag is worse travelling west-east, compared to east-west- hence you were a lot better off coming to London than going back. The exception is if you cross the International Date Line, then it's reversed. Glad you're getting over it though- I wasn't terribly tired last time I flew London-Perth, but I had horrible headaches for about a week. Urgh.

    Don't work yourself too hard!

  2. Jet lag is a terrible feeling! Your clock is totally off track. Sorry to hear about you being sick! You're right though, this might have helped shed some weight without much effort =) Keep up the great work! Your posts always entertain me =)

  3. being sick over a long weekend is never fun! and i would assume neither is jet lag, but i've never travelled far enough to really be jet lagged. and don't worry, this post was only mildly boring!

  4. You are not alone in relation to downloading photos! I could scream at the moment! So slow! Hope you have the patience to get them on the blog, wanna see em'...

  5. I've never experienced jet lag, but my sleeping patterns are all out of whack that I'm probably perpetually in a state of jet lag.

    Sucks you got a stomach bug right when you came back!

    Btw, with the pictures, are you resizing them before you upload them? If not, that might be why it's taking ages to upload the photos. There's this powertoy for XP that allows you to resize a bunch of images at once (just select all, right click, resize and choose your resolution). You can download it here (the link is to the actual .exe on the microsoft website so that it'll start the d/l once you click it).

  6. Aw no! Waste of a long weekend, and maybe also why your jetlag is hanging on. I also get terrible jetlag coming back to Oz - my coping strategy is to stay up drinking as late as possible!

  7. Nope, not the most boring post. I take the title with those lately. Nothing like feeling drab to uninspire your writing huh?

    Jet lag does bite indeed. It's the most bizarre feeling. Hope you're feeling much better today.

  8. Hey Tully,
    Sorry you were sick, but I am glad you're back. Take care and feel better soon ok? K.


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