Monday, June 30, 2008

Healthy Habits

I have been doing well with food and exercise for a couple of weeks now. It has been really hard to convince my stomach it doesn't need to eat chocolate pudding every night and I am having a love hate relationship with exercise, but I am getting back into healthy habits.

Despite all this exercise and healthy eating I somehow managed to gain 700 grams when I weighed myself yesterday. It is so impossible that I could have actually gained fat that I am just ignoring that until my body settles down. I have found that now that I weigh myself more frequently it is easier to accept crazy fluctuations. I used to build my once-a-week weigh-in up so much, I would actually be sick with nerves as I stood on the scales because I had pinned so many hopes on that number. Now I weigh myself any time I feel like it, which is about every second day, and it is much easier to handle the ups and downs of the scale.

I am in New Zealand this week for work and, despite my flight being delayed by 8 very frustrating hours and only having 3 hours sleep last night, I am still determined to stay on track. I have been to the supermarket to stock up on healthy supplies so I can avoid room service and I have just returned from the hotel gym. Of course I have not been a total angel, while in Auckland I finally had the chance to meet the beautiful Marshmallow for breakfast this morning and we indulged in some delicious pancakes and the yummiest oreo milkshake. Marshy, being the good blogger that she is, took along her camera so I am sure she will post pictures soon. Keep in mind it was 6.00 am and I had only had 3 hours sleep...


  1. I can't limit myself once a week, if I'm getting numbers I don;t like I want to see them coming before weigh day so I don;t have any surprises. That's not to say I don't indulge in the occassional freak out (mostly pre-TOM, I'm fairly irregular so it likes to sneak up on me) when I get something horrendous.

  2. Have fun in NZ, even if it is just work :)

  3. The scale is a heart-breaker. How many times have I fasted all day so that I could weigh myself for a target date and then the scale stays the same or I even gained? How is that possible???

    It is beyond comprehension.

  4. I've been doing once a week as well but I agree with you that its a big buildup...I may just develop more of a lax attitude and weigh myself whenever I deem appropriate because this is my journey after all. Great work with the eating healthy and exercising!!

  5. That is sooo true about the once a week weigh-in. It's really nerve wrecking. Even if I sneak a peek on the scales on Friday and it's good, by Monday I'm back to being nervous.

    Glad to hear your breakfast with Marshy went well :) Hope you enjoy our fair land :D

  6. Was fabulous to finally meet you, and it was a relief that you finally made it after all of the delays!

    Hope you get some time to explore Rotorua while you're down here :-D

    [and said photos will be up for all to see very soon, and you have NOTHING to be worried about ;-)]


Awww thanks so much for the comment!