Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rocking The Suburbs

I am doing something I never thought I would do. I am moving out of my city townhouse and into a Mc Mansion in the suburbs.

We have all heard about how bad the current rental market is in most cities around Australia (and probably the world) but it has officially gotten outrageous. When I moved into my apartment it was more then I could afford, then the rent increased earlier this year and it became more of a struggle. Then last week we got another rent increase and we were forced to make the tough decision to move. No matter how much we can't be bothered with it, or how much we don't want to move to the suburbs, it is financially irresponsible to pay the amount of rent we pay.

So it has all happened pretty quickly and yesterday I put in an application for my own little Mc Mansion out in the 'burbs. Fingers crossed we get it and I can tell my landlord to go fuck himself.

As with anything, there are pros and cons to the situation...

- Save money
- Easy to get a car park at the shops
- Room for a home gym
- Closer to extended family
- Great take away food places (or is that a con?)
- Less traffic
- More space
- Could aid in weight loss???

- Boring
- No public transport (literally, it is a new suburb and has no train station!)
- Having to deal with screaming kids in supermarkets again
- No one will ever come and visit me
- No nice restaurants, bars, shops etc
- Expensive taxi ride to get home after a night out in the city
- Embarrassed to tell people where I live (yes I am that superficial)
- Could impede weight loss???


  1. Hey,

    Do you mean you are getting a house loan? Or will you still be renting. Either way, it should be nice to havea bit more space to yourself. Yes, current real estate is not improving any time soon I don't reckon. Hopefully for everyone though, the government will come up with some sort of an idea for alternative fuel sorce to reduce the recession, hey. But for now all we can do is keep working away. Good luck with the application :D, hope it goes well

  2. Best of luck to you!

    If it goes ahead, will you be in your new place when I come over to visit you? (Let me know, because I'm a selfish one and will need to re-plan my MapMyRun routes! Hah! :-D)

  3. The no public transport woule a killer for me but the rental market is insane!

  4. I am out in the burbs now....but still renting. I am actually looking to do the opposite to you....I want to get closer to the action but having dogs means I need a house which makes it much harder.

    From my perspective the burbs are much quieter but it can be nice to have some peace and quiet and it makes going into the city much more fun than it was before. Yes it is true....nobody comes to visit. I remember one afternoon my sister appeared at my door and I literally screamed because I was so scared/shocked to see someone at my door!!

  5. Hope you will be happy with your move. I live in the burbs but way out here in the US and I like it but then I haven't lived in the city in ages since I was young. As I get older, it is the place for me I guess though I love to visit the big city when I get a chance.

  6. I say it would be a good thing. Saving in money is the major pro. Just think you could put that money to hiring a cross trainer or something and then you could do that in front of the TV every night. I did that when I lived in the burbs, it was great. My villa is close to the city, but still tiny and there is no way I could fit any gym equipment in it. Damnnn.

    Happy moving, I know how hard it can be!

  7. Good luck with finding a nice place and with a smooth move. Good job you're getting your license, right? I have never lived in a suburb. I grew up in a seaside village and since I left there I've lived in all cities. I can tell you though, London is the last city I am living in, I've had enough of the congestion, noise etc. If and when we leave here I am going for a seaside village again. Or I guess the ideal would be to have an apartment in London and a house n a seaside village ... I wish.


Awww thanks so much for the comment!