Monday, February 23, 2009

So The Shopping...

I got up early on Saturday morning and headed straight off to the shopping centre on a mission to find an outfit for my work functions this week. I took everything in the change rooms that was a 'maybe' and gave everything a shot. I ended up buying a cream silk top, with an interesting cut out design that I really quite liked from Basque at Myer. I would post a picture, but I can't find it online. It was $99.95 (so completely over priced) and I figured I could wear it with my trusty black pants and a black cardigan. It wasn't quite what I was looking for, but it did look sophisticated and I figured that it would look good with some great shoes, earrings and my hair and make up done well.

I got home and tried it on again and realised with a sense of dread that it did not flatter me at all, in fact, it looked terrible on me. I got so excited that something fit me and that I liked it, that I forgot about one important factor- does it look good on me? It billows from the top of my chest and gives me no shape at all, which is cute on a stick thin girl, but not on someone who weighs 120 kilos. I looked like a giant marshmallow cartoon character.

Sunday morning I got up and decided to try again, this time at another shopping centre on the other side of town. I have always had a lot of luck finding the perfect outfit at this shopping centre (chaddy for those of you in Melbs) so I had a good feeling about it. I loaded myself up with lots of options in the change rooms and slowly eliminated them (mostly because they were too tight around my stomach, which is where I carry my weight). I was waiting until last to try on a black suit, I knew if it fit that it would be perfect, but I also knew that I really couldn't afford it. Finally I tried it on and I knew I had to get it. It is a plain black, nicely cut suit jacket and skirt. I normally prefer to wear pants with suits, but they just don't suit my shape at the moment because they are too tight around my stomach and too baggy around my legs/bum.

So, needless to say, I was desperate and I put the suit on my credit card and it was $180 for the jacket and $90 for the skirt. I wouldn't have a problem if I thought I would get lots of wear out of it, but it is a little too professional looking for most things I attend (it scares off some clients). Plus, I had to buy the jacket in a size 20 (biggest size they had) and the skirt in a size 24. The skirt fits me perfect now, the jacket is a bit too small, by the time the jacket (hopefully) fits me better, the skirt will be too big. I guess I can get it altered at a tailor.

While I was shopping, I found a black top that flattered my shape perfectly (tight over the boobs, drapes over the stomach) and was only $49. It wasn't right for my work events, but it will be good for everyday work days. So of course I also bought it in the only other colour it came in, purple. I wore it to work today and I was talking to a colleague when she asked me if I had bought my top from Basque, because her mum had bought the exact same top in purple. Her mum. Great... That was the moment where I should have owned up and said that I also bought it in purple, but I was embarrassed and chickened out. So now I am probably going to return it because I am to embarrassed to wear it at work and I can't afford to keep a new top that I won't wear to work.

I am overwhelmingly relieved that I found something to wear, but I won't be stepping foot in a shopping centre for quite some time.


  1. I'm glad you found something for your events, I know it was stressing you out. Skirts are really easy to tailor so I wouldn't worry, you'll definitely be able to get it changed.

  2. Stop stressing!! You are going to lose this weight and have heaps to choose from .... it will take time but it IS going to happen!!
    Clothes shopping even when I was smaller was a prick of a day!!!
    Could you get your mum to make you a few wrap skirts (they would be easy!!) and a couple of over the boob then flows down, tops?? (did you understand that?) You go pick the material and patterns?? She did such a fantastic job of your evening wear!!! Would be so much cheaper too!!??
    Poor Tully ... I am so in the same boat as you at the moment ..... wanna go for a drink?? *lol*

  3. Hello
    I came to your blog because when I was in the early years of highschool my friends mum said to me 'you'd be pretty if you lost weight' Ohh how it has stayed with me. I'm looking forward to reading though your blog :)
    Chantel x

  4. Shopping can be so traumatic, can't it?

    I'm glad you found something.

    In no time shopping for clothes is going to be an enjoyable experience.

    I can't wait to read about it here! xx

  5. Hey gorgeous - please don't take back your top because of a comment someone made! If you liked it, it suited you, then keep it! Just because someone has a trendy Mum doesn't mean you can't wear something...

    And if you feel funny that the same girl will see you in the purple one (which I honestly don't think she'll care) you could just say "You mentioned it came in purple so I thought I'd get it, it's so comfy and great for work!" and then it's all over :)

    We all worry wayyyyy too much about our clothes. I was stressing about wearing a shirt to a work function that I'd worn last time, then realised I couldn't remember the shirts / ties / cardigans / colours / cuts of ONE person in that room last time, so what are the chances of them remembering mine, and would they really honestly think less of me if they did?

    Enjoy your suit, and hope the functions go well. x

  6. hey Tully,
    lurker here!
    hey have you tried Ebay? or Sara online? Just a couple of places that i try, worth a look!
    Clothes shopping sux when 'nothing' fits!

  7. What a mixed bag of a shopping trip, I can totally identify. I'm really glad you found something though. Please don't take it back. I know how easy it is to let someone's comment deflate you but Kenz is right, if it flattered and felt good at the time, I'm sure it looked good too.

    Do you mind me asking, what shops in Chaddy do you tend to have the most success with? I've yet to venture out to clothes shop since moving here but I've a wedding to go to in March so there'll be no avoiding it.

  8. I agree with Melissa's comment Tully. Getting stuff made sounds like a great idea if you know someone who can sew. I have a friend who makes all her own clothes, being a plus size she has found the styles that suit her and uses different fabrics to vary her wardrobe. She always looks smart and flattering and does so on a much smaller budget than having to put up with change room. nightmares. PS: you are a top chick!!

  9. I feel your pain 100% Have you tried online? I like Kiyonna for dressy dresses...

  10. If the top looks nice who CARES if your colleague has a mother who owns it? Honestly Tully! If it looks nice, who cares? I wouldn't let that stop ya love!

    And go the tailoring too


  11. Sorry you've had such a stressful time shopping Tully. I agree with Kenz. Don't take the top back. In a couple of weeks your work collegue will have forgotten about it. If I could sew, I'd offer to whip something up for you, but unless you've got knees that need patching, I'm useless. The suit sounds great.

  12. So glad you found something... it can be a totally overwhelming experience. Next time you clothes shop I'm sure it won't be so bad and the sizes you'll be fitting into will be smaller.

  13. Awww Tully {{{hugs}}} I too hope you resisted the urge to take back the purple top. I bet it looks great on you.

    Whether you see it or not you are so pretty no matter what your size :)


  14. **HUGS***

    and I have to add that Im some ones mom :) and I like to think Im still semihip!

    so you never know!

  15. I'm so glad your shopping part 2 went well. You can have that suit tailored, or sell it at a consignment shop.


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