Thursday, February 19, 2009

Wax On, Wax Off

I slid on my trusty black pants this morning (AKA the only pants that fit me) and something felt different. Right away I thought that it must be that they feel looser and I had lost weight. All morning I was sashaying around feeling all slinky and sexy and it wasn't until lunch time that reality hit me. It wasn't that I had lost weight that made the pants feel different, it was that I had finally waxed my legs. I had let my legs get so fuzzy that when I waxed them it was like I dropped a size on my legs. If only it was that easy all the time...


  1. I love that feeling of shaving your legs and then wearing trousers. In the winter I don't wear skirts so I don't tend to bother with my legs because no one is going to see them, so when I have an event and am getting ready I love it.

    Did you end up ordering any of those clothes?

  2. HA HA, you bloody nut! I reckon when I shave my legs I lose a friggin kilo every time!

  3. My hubby home tonight after being away for the week so I think I am going to need some grooming this arvo. Wonder how much I'd lose if I shaved my pubes??

  4. nice one! Love the whole de-fur. I'm a shocker for it in winter - if the flesh aint exposed it gets furry!

  5. lol, lol, lol, that is so funny, what a hoot.

    I know the feeling though, shaved legs and trousers feel great.

    And Jules, (shaved pubes and 'grow back prickles DO NOT)

  6. LOL ... i'm like that at the end of winter.


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