Monday, June 01, 2009

First Weigh In After Surgery

Today is my first weigh in since surgery and I am now 116.5 kilos! I am really stoked with this and I really didn't expect to lose so much weight in the first week from surgery, but I guess it is not that shocking since I have barely eaten or drunk anything. So here are my stats since I began this whole lap band thing.

14th April 2009- Pre-surgery Diet: 129.7 kilos
22nd May 2009- Lap band surgery day: 120.2 kilos
1st June 2009: 116.5 kilos

Over the last few days I have felt like I could get a lot more down and at my cousin's 30th party on Saturday night I even ate 2 mini meat balls and 2 little bits of camembert cheese, which was extremely naughty of me because I am still supposed to be on liquids. I didn't have a problem eating them at all and I just chewed them to death. Then yesterday I was able to eat half a bowl of mash and gravy at lunch with the gorgeous bloggers Kitty and Cinders. I think I might be getting a bit ahead of myself and I don't want to stretch my band, so I have decided to go back on the optifast shakes for the next week. Just drinking normal liquids is making me feel nauseous from hunger, so I think the shakes will keep me fuller and give my body the nutrients I need.

I also got a lovely surprise in the mail today from Couch Potato from I'd Rather Be Sitting On The Couch (that blog title cracks me up every time!). She has lost a crap load of weight this year and was kind enough to send me some clothes that she has shrunk out of, and lucky for me, she has great taste! I just wish she lived in Melbourne so we could go out for some drinks!


  1. Awesome... you are doing great chick.

  2. babes, you are so awesome. well done on such a fantastic effort. xxx

  3. Well done Tully - that is fantastic. I ended up having potato & gravy last night after seeing your yummy mash yesterday.

  4. Wow, that is a fantastic loss already!

    And, woo-hoo about the clothes - yay!

  5. I'm so pleased they fit. I get sad when I'm too small for clothes that I liked, so it's great that they've gone to a good home......though the way you are going, they might not fit for very long.

    I just wish she lived in Melbourne so we could go out for some drinks!Next time we're in the same place, there will be cocktails!

  6. Well done!! The shakes are pretty good at helping you "feel full" :)

  7. Well done hun! thats so fantastic. Btw what pre-op diet did you do?


Awww thanks so much for the comment!