Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ups & Downs

When I got the lap band I decided to take a more zen attitude to the scales. I knew that if I ate the right food and did my exercise, the weight will come off over the next couple of years. So I decided that I wasn't going to get hysterical when the scales showed random 600 gram gains for no particular reason. I was going to look at those gains and just know that my body would experience many ups and downs along the way, for many different reasons, and to take the bad with the good.

So that was the plan. Of course reality is a different story...

I seem to have gained a kilo this week and I can't help but feel a bit frustrated. I know this is because I am slowly starting to introduce more food into my diet and my body is responding to having actual food for the first time in about 9 weeks. This seems completely reasonable and it has happened to a lot of people who get banded. I know I am doing the right thing, I am exercising and eating small healthy portions, so there isn't anything to worry about.

I guess I am more impatient than anything. There are certain numbers on the scale that I want to see the back of and seeing them rear their ugly heads again just pisses me off. It annoys me even more that I know that I shouldn't worry about these little ups and downs on the scale and I still let it get to me. I think it is time for me to put the scale in the cupboard for a few days.


  1. I know how easy it is to get impatient with weight loss, but just chill! :) It will come. And stress makes your body hold onto fat too, something to keep in mind when you're stressing about it!

    A friend of mine got a lapband put in earlier this year, maybe in Feb? She's lost nearly 25kgs and she still goes out and drinks alcohol and eats crap every now and then.

  2. Take It In Your Stride - It's All Part Of The Journey.

    You Will Be Rewarded Again Soon And The Scales Will Tip In The Other Direction :-)

  3. It's always annoying when the scale goes up - even when there's a perfectly good reason. I'm bloat about a kg every month, and even though it happens every month, it still makes me feel peeved that the numbers have stopped going down.

  4. Everything will be find honey. You will get a fill in and your weight will drop off. Don't let some random numbers get to you.

  5. I just came across your site and had to comment! Your posts are so honest and very inspirational. So wonderful - keep it up! :-)

  6. the scales are the single worst thing for anyone trying to lose body fat and improve their lives. it is a head fuck and i hate scales. HATE!

    get rid of them babygirl, you are doing the right thing withe band, eating better and working out - just KEEP GOING. xxxxxxx

  7. Oh I hear you! For all the zen intentions I have about taking it in my stride, seeing the bigger picture blah blah blah... I still get totally mad at number increases.

    You will get there, this means nothing. I know you know it deep down n'all, doesn't stop it being a bugger though hey. Hang in there lady, shutting the scale away in a cupboard is probably a mighty good move for a wee while.

  8. I agree, put the scale away for a little bit if it is stressing you. The changes are what matters -- the numbers will come. Hang in there.


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