Sunday, July 12, 2009

Just Touched Down In London Town

Well I did about a week ago anyway.

Yes the flight was some kind of torture and I am already dreading the return flight home. I am really strange and I refuse to use the toilets on planes, not sure if it is because I am a germaphobe or because I am scared I won't fit. Probably both. So I didn't eat or drink for the whole trip so that I wouldn't have to use the bathroom. Yeah it was a 24 hour flight. Anyway, I am hyperventilating just thinking about the whole thing, so enough about that.

I spent the weekend in the London sunshine (suck on that Melbournians). I was completely out of whack on the time zones so I was getting up at 4.30am and strolling around London and I felt like I had the city to myself. I moved onto Oxford last Sunday, where I have just spent an entire week sitting through tedious powerpoint presentations on fascinating topics such as strategy and objectives. I am losing the will to live right now.

It has been really hard to be here because I had a particularly bad experience at work the week before I came to Oxford that left me very upset and anxious. My boss asked me on Monday to stay an extra week in Oxford (I am already going to be here for 3 weeks) and I said no because I felt like it was too last minute to change my plans and I also didn't want to stay away from home for that long. I am trying to put my health and sanity first and I really felt like this wouldn't be the best thing for me to do. It is the first time I have ever said no to anything at work and my boss didn't take it well...

Anyway, the whole situation has been really upsetting because a lot of things were said to me that I think were unfair and actually quite nasty. Then I had to get on a 24 hour flight and sit through tedious meetings, while working early mornings and evenings to keep up with my other work. I just wanted to hand in my notice and come home. This job just isn't worth it. My emotional and physical health have suffered immeasurably since I started this job, I gained 35 kilos, I nearly had a nervous breakdown, I lost a lot of hair and I developed a nervous twitch all from the stress. For my own health and sanity I need to leave.

I am going to the hotel bar now to put a lot of very expensive cocktails on the company…


  1. Enjoy the cocktails... and if the job is really that bad then yep... line up another one then leave!
    No job is worth being miserable over.

  2. Tully... life is too short to be so miserable...
    Time to start looking for a job that isnt going to make you this way...
    You are #1 in your lifetime... Do it girl...

  3. Sounds like a bad situation. If you've done what you can to resolve it (which it sounds like you have) and getting no change then it sounds like it's definitely time to move on.

  4. Get the hell out lovey while you still have your sanity. No job is worth all of this!

  5. No one has the right to make you feel any less than beautiful :o)

    Sorry, but expecting you to cop another week out of your home at such short notice on the chin is just not fair in my book.

    Slam the hotel bill with cocktails at breakfast too.....after all it is cocktail hour in Australia then

    Safe flight back..


  6. Good on you for telling them you cannot stay the extra week. The response from your boss is both unprofessional & unacceptable.

    If your job is making y ou that miserable & ill it is most definately time to look elsewhere.

  7. I'm going to echo what everyone else is saying: no job is worth making you feel like shit and being so miserable. Seriously.

    Put yourself first here and realise that you are in control of this - if you're not happy, make a change and find something that feeds your soul.

    Easier said than done, sure. :)

    Good luck :)

  8. HI, wish I'd known you were going to be in London, maybe we could have met up. Sorry you had a bad time on the plane (hugs)

    A bandster in London

  9. Sorry for my bad english. I would like to get updated with you new posts as I love to read your blog. Add me to your mailing list if you have any.


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