Friday, August 13, 2010

This, That & The Other

Oh my god, what a week! Turn away now if you don't want to see way too many photos of my big head.

I got the keys to my new place last Friday and, 19 trips to Ikea later, I am mostly set up. Well, except for the 50 boxes that don't yet have a place... Moving a 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom, 2 living room sized house into a small 2 bedroom apartment has been tough. I don't regret it at all though, I love being back in the city and hearing the trams go by late at night, the smells of the lovely food around every corner and just feeling like I am back amongst the action again.

The joys of moving massive pieces of furniture in my little Suzuki Swift... I'm not impressed.

I was able to spend a few days at home getting set up and running errands before I started my new job on Thursday. I had so much fun zipping about in my little car and getting myself organised for my new job and house. I also finally got my hair cut and coloured, it isn't very drastic, but it just needed cleaning up while I am growing it out. I took some photos, but they aren't the best because I didn't realise I had to take the flash off and also because I have a bad lazy eye.

My first day at work went really well, but any first day at work that doesn't involve me accidentally farting loudly in front of my new colleagues is a good day. Yes, that actually happened to me at my last job. No wonder that job never worked out...

The job seems quite easy so far, a little too easy maybe... I wanted a low stress job and I am enjoying that side of it, but I must admit it is a little blow to the ego to be doing a job where I am so far down the pecking order. Funnily enough, it turns out this job is only a 6 month contract for a maternity leave replacement, which I obviously didn't realise, but I think it'll work out perfectly for me. It'll give me time to pay off my credit card and give me some pocket money to have some fun while I work out what my next career move should be.

I took some more photos to document my first day at work. After seeing how the photo on my work ID card turned out I have decided that maybe I shouldn't slick my hair back so tightly...

Now it's Friday night and I am exhausted. I'm going to bed with now with my electric blanket, a cup of chai tea and a big smile on my face.


  1. Congrats on the new job, home, and I love the haircut!

  2. Congratulations!! Also, you look so happy and beautiful! Great photos. I scrolled down and saw your before pics from 2009 and am so impressed by all you have accomplished! :)

  3. You're gorgeous, you've got such lovely features. Love the haircut too. Congrats on the new place and the new job.

  4. Great to see you are happy and looking good at your new job and house:)

  5. Your face is really starting to change now. You're always gorgeous, but your face is looking more slender :)and toned. Maybe it's your features becoming more noticeable. Anyhow, you're looking great!!

    Congrat's on surviving the move and your first day.


  6. Congrats on the new job and home - the new hairdo looks lovely, but I have to question if you ever take a bad photo ... lol

  7. LOL @ Farting, that made me literally laugh out loud... hehe.

    You are looking so beautiful and happy in your photos!

    So glad everything is working out for you! :) x

  8. PS. I went to Melbs in July and stayed in St Kilda. I loved being close to the city and jumping on the trams. We loved the 'Ding!' sound too. I still have the tram tracker app on my ipone and when I got back to Sydney I put a few tram numbers in just to see if I could find one, hehe. Oh how I love Melbourne!

  9. Oh my god you are beautiful.

    I'm positive I had more to say but that last photo just blew me away. S.T.U.N.N.I.N.G!

  10. I too really notice your facial features are becoming more defined - you look radiant :0)

    Yippee for no farting out loud on your first day LOL!

  11. I've been dying to ask you this for AJ your boyfriend?? He seems to spend an awful lot of time with you for just a friend! :)

  12. Love the haircut too, and if you can handle the maintenance you should wear it loose as much as possible... so feminine and flattering.

    Looks like life is finally falling into line for you! Well done girlfriend!!!

  13. Yay to new jobs and homes and haircuts! I need those last two right now!


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