Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What A Relief!

What a week! I got a fill last Tuesday and I knew it felt quite tight immediately, but I thought I should give it a few days to settle. By Friday I knew that this fill had to come out because I could only ‘eat’ yoghurt and pudding cups. Sometimes I couldn’t even get water down and would spend the afternoon vomiting up freaking water. The horror.

Of course by Friday it was too late to get any fill taken out before the weekend, so I had to suffer through the weekend barely able to eat or drink anything. I was having a girls night with some friends on Saturday night and was worried about how drunk I would get drinking alcohol when I hadn’t eaten anything all week. I actually had to purchase low alcohol wine so I wasn’t a hot mess. What a flake.

I finally got in to see my fill doctor yesterday and asked him to remove .4 mls from my band, leaving me at 5.7 mls in a 10 ml band. While I only had .2 mls put in the week before, I decided that I wanted to have extra fluid taken out so that I can eat more normally again. I was previously trying to increase the fluid in my band so that I could get this ‘satisfied’ feeling I have heard people talk about with the lap band. I’ve given up on the idea that lap band will help curb my appetite and will go back to eating healthy whole foods and using good old fashioned will power. At least I should have less embarrassing moments in restaurants now that I have less restriction.

I must admit that I was proud of myself for not resorting to eating chocolate and ice cream last week when I was overly restricted. Instead, I thought I would take advantage of the weight loss that would come with enforced starvation and stick to healthy liquids, but would you believe I didn’t lose any bloody weight?! After a few days the scale showed that I lost 2 kilos and then, for god knows what reason, those pesky kilos came back on the next day. This is why I don’t usually weigh myself, scales are ridiculous.

I am feeling so much better now I can eat again and I enjoyed a nice Indian feast last night to celebrate. I’m back on the straight and narrow today and just appreciating that I can eat fruit, sushi and oats again. Tonight I am making a big spinach, walnut, cranberry and feta salad for dinner and I can’t wait. The simple things in life really are the best.


  1. you poor bugger!!! what a crappy week you've had. Yay for not scoffing the chocolate icecream.

    nom nom nom.... your dinner salad sounds lovely!!!!!

  2. I had a small 0.2ml fill on Tuesday. I had an uncomfortable night so I went and had the 0.2ml taken out on Wednesday morning.

    When he took all of the fill out to see what was going back in my tummy gave an almight gurgle as the fluid that was sitting in the pouch went down.

    I am still really restricted now but am managing to eat small portions and keep it down.

    Gives you a bit of a fright when you can't keep water down!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!