Monday, January 28, 2013

Saddlebag Success

I did a massive closet clean out after I had my body lift surgery and so I am pretty low on most basic wardrobe staples. I am trying to wait until all my swelling goes down before I spend much money on new clothes, but some coolish weather this weekend had me dashing to Target for a pair of cheap jeans to wear to an Australia Day party.

Yeah, jeans shopping when you are in a hurry can be not very fun... the only thing worse would probably be swimsuit shopping. Lucky for me, most of the jeans Target had were all sorts of crazy bright colours, so my choices were limited. I am all for coloured jeans on other people, but I am not ready to go there just yet. So I picked up the only pair of normal blue jeans in a size 14 and said a little prayer as I walked into the fitting rooms.

It was actually a really weird experience even trying them on. As soon as I got them up to my calves I thought they were going to be way too small, they just didn't feel right. I am used to having to buy jeans that are really big around the waist to get around all that loose skin on my stomach and that are consequently way too big around the bum, hips and legs. So finding that I had to wiggle my way into jeans was bizarre. Even weirder was that once I got them up they actually fit me perfectly in all the right places and no muffin top. I finally understand why people enjoy wearing jeans!

When I got home I showed AJ my new purchase and marvelled to him how they fit me so well around my legs and waist. His comment, while pointing at my thighs, 'Is that what they call saddlebags?'. Lucky for him that I am so excited about my new curves that I am the only woman in the world who doesn't mind being told she has saddlebags!!!

Me in my new jeans (a terrible photo that makes it hard to even see the jeans, I need to fire AJ as my photographer!)

About 9 hours of sangria later I pass out on my brother's couch, but at least my jeans are comfortable!


  1. You look great in your jeans x. You're becoming the incredible shrinking woman.

  2. I LURVE my target jeans! I constantly pick the jewels off, but they fit like a glove! Size 14 just sounds so perfect doesn't it?

  3. I love target jeans! You look wonderful and enjoy. The best thing about target is that they are quite affordable and you can go back for more if the mood strikes. Their selection changes often.

  4. Fab! I love these sorts of victories - they're the best. Jeans look great on you too :)

  5. Pfft! I see no saddlebags! Those look comfy!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!