Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Upper Body Lift

Well I am just one day from celebrating 4 months since I had my body lift surgery and this morning I met with my surgeon for a follow up appointment. He was really happy with how flat my tummy is and how my scar has healed, but then he threw a bombshell at me.

He thinks I need to have an upper body lift to properly complete my surgery. Sigh.

My first thought was that he was crazy because having more surgery was the last thing on my mind. Then he went into more detail and showed me the skin he wants to remove and how it would change the shape of my body. After lots of pinching and prodding of my skin and squiggly drawings on his ipad, I have to admit that I agree with my surgeon.

There are two types of upper body lifts--the first lifts the breasts and removes excess tissue in the arms and the second also lifts the breasts but instead of removing excess tissue from the arms, it removes excess tissue from the upper back rolls.  

Of the two upper body lifts described above, my surgeon would perform the second one on me.

What he wants to do is an incision under each breast and insert mesh to my ribcage and then attach my upper torso to the mesh to hold it firm. Right now the skin on my upper torso is still quite saggy and there is no other way to pull it tight so it will stay in place. He would also lift the breasts using the same incision under the breast.

The surgeon would then continue the incision all the way around my upper back and remove the folds of skin hanging down on my back. So I would basically be sliced all the way around my body like the lower body lift I had, but this time they would do it on my upper body.

The scar would look like this (if only my body also looked like that!)...

So all the complaining I have been doing about the extra weight on my upper back since my surgery isn't actually weight gain, it is excess skin. The skin has always been there, I just noticed it more now that my tummy is so much smalled and flatter.

My surgeon also examined my lower back, where I am still protruding after surgery and he advised it was not fluid or swelling, it was fat and would need to be lipoed out.

I left my appointment feeling overwhelmed and confused by everything. In one way I felt like a bit of a failure that I need additional surgery and the thought of having to tell my family and friends made me feel sick. I also felt a little excited by the results I could achieve with this surgery, but mostly worried by the idea of additional surgery and how much it would cost. I should receive the quote by the end of the week and then I can make some decisions.


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  2. I wonder why he could not have done this surgery with the first surgery? However if the extra weight on your back is hurting maybe it would be sensible to get it done. I have followed your jounery closely because I know I have to have this op when I get rid of my weight. I have looked into it, in depth so I feel your pain when you say how costly it is going to be. Also your not a failure and what you have blogged about your family I am sure they wont blink an eyelid and support you all the way. You such an inspiration.

  3. You are so far from a failure... It's so hard until you had your tummy done how were you to know :( this is what concerns me once I start with my tummy tuck where will it end my upper body is saggy but at this stage nothing too bad but when the tummy is fixed will it be more noticeable??? My legs are all right because I never really held my weight in legs!! You need to do what's right for you and if an upper body lift is what it takes do it you have come too far not to do it xx

  4. Wow that's a lot for you to take in and consider. I guess it comes down to your priorities and what you want to achieve at the end of it all. I guess a surgeon is always going to want to do more (more income for him) but maybe that's a little presumptuous of me. Good luck with your decision making, do what YOU want, not what you're told to do is my opinion.

  5. I was told the same thing. I chose not to go ahead because it would have meant removal and re-placement of my nipples, and well... I like having feeling in me nipples... so said no.
    My surgeon also wanted to take tissue from my back and use it to do a boob job!
    Whatever you decide, good luck!

  6. ok, the 2nd one makes more sense as that is where the excess skin is. I feel overwhelmed for you x

  7. But in saying that, it's going to look fantastic and the scarring isn't bad at all.

  8. Please don't feel like a failure, you are so NOT!!!! It is quite overwhelming considering more surgery, but the success of the lower lift is very impressive & I think if you can manage the funds, you will not look back. Give yourself a break lovely!!! xoxo

  9. Very over whelming..
    Not sure if you read prior fat girls blog, but she had multiple follow up surgeries after her original one like yours.

    I don't know.. I think your shape now is really good.. and putting your body under that much stress now.. Is it a good idea?

    Also I don't know if you want kids, but having that extra surgery, then having children? Would it be worth it just yet?

  10. Oh dear, how overwhelming. I'm sorry you are having to go through this AGAIN! I agree with the others, though - it's not your fault you have excess skin, you didn't ask to have this eating disorder, so no need to feel guilty or embarrassed. Hopefully once you know what you'd be up for you will instinctively know whether it's the right thing to do. Such a difficult decision! Sending you lots of love and strength - you will get through this either way :-) xxx


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