Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Enjoying Life

Geez I haven't posted in ages! I have been flat out at work for the past couple of weeks. I work for the Australian branch of an Asian focused business and we had all of our staff visiting from our Asian branches for strategy days. So I have been working long hours and then having boozy work dinners. It has been fun, but I don't know how people sustain that lifestyle, it is pretty tiring. Eventually all I wanted to do was go home and watch TV with some take-out.

So you can assume from that last paragraph that I haven't been eating very well. I have been trying to eat intuitively, but unfortunately my body seems to intuitively crave pizza... I have tried to go by the motto of 'doing the best I can when I can'. I tell you what though, it is so much fun not to have to worry about food and calories. Over the past couple of weeks I have enjoyed work lunches, family dinners, drinks at the pub, hang over food and eating chocolate when it is TTOM. It is such a fun relaxing lifestyle to eat when you want to and not stress out about it. I haven't worried about avoiding food or social situations, I have just been enjoying life.

I really must start to think about watching what I eat a bit more closely though...

In other news, my older brother got engaged! He met a girl from Canada on the Internet and they have been talking on the phone for about a year. She came to Australia a few weeks ago and he proposed before she left earlier this week. So that is pretty exciting, I have been so worried about him and his depression and he seems to be another person all of a sudden. Plus I get to go to a wedding- yay!


  1. Congratulations to your brother! [I wish I had an older sibling, then perhaps all of the marriage pressure wouldn't be on me o_0]

    What a great time it sounds like you've had recently; its awesome to hear that you've just enjoyed it. You should go back and read through some of your earlier posts where you would feel that guilt due to indulging, something that we should not be ashamed of in any sense of the word :-D

    Great to have you back, Tully! I missed you!

  2. Yeah - Canadian girls rock! Really happy for your brother - and for you. I am kinda worried about my brother as well - wondering if he will ever settle down. :) So glad that you are back to your blog.

  3. My brother turned 30 last year ... He was a loner and never had a girlfriend .... then all of a sudden he met one, got engaged and are getting married in August! All within a space of 12 months!!
    Now he thinks his shit don't stink!! lol .... and so does she!! lol

  4. You are so lucky to be able to just eat whatever you want and not worry about the consequences! And ya for having a wedding to look forward to, we have to with our eldest daughter early next year.

  5. you're not lucky if you wind up gaining weight though. just saying.


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