Sunday, June 24, 2007

Time To Step It Up

It is 7 and a half weeks until I go on my first ever holiday and first ever trip overseas to New Zealand. If I go there feeling as fat and bloated as I do now, it will not be fun. I am going to step up the healthy eating and exercise until I go so that when I get on that plane I feel confident and know that I have done my best.

  • Fit into my winter jacket (NZ will be way too cold without a jacket)
  • Fit into my jeans
  • Fit into my black trench coat

God I hope those clothes fit me, I may have left my run a bit late though...

By the way, when I am in New Zealand I am going to Christchurch, Mt Cook and Queenstown (unfortunately I don't have time to go to the North Island), if anyone has any suggestions on what I should do while I am there let me know! Are there any good plus size shops in Christchurch that anyone knows of?


  1. Nope, don't know of any down that way... ask Jules! And are you mad coming over here in the dead of winter???? Do you want to freeze your buns off??? I hope you are planning on wearing more than jeans, jeans are not warm!! Are you coming to do some ski'ing??? Cos that's what you will be able to do down there! Lots of snow... brrrrrrrrr!

  2. Ha ha... On ya chris..paint a pretty picture wont you!!!
    I am from tasmania so I cant help you at all. I just wanted to say travel safe and have a top time!

  3. Hello! I'm a Kiwi, so I might be able to help a little. Well, - the first place you'll want to check out is Famers. It's a NZ department store - look for the lables "Wild Child" and "Yourself". They are Farmers own brands. There are plus sizes in The Warehouse as well that can be quite nice. Apart from that, most shopping malls have plus size stores in them. Unfortunately, plus size stores in NZ aren't cheap!

    Have fun in Christchurch!

  4. Hahaah ignore Chris H, she's one of those Summer loving bunnies which I know very well you are not :-D I think Winter is the perfect time to see the lower South Island; that is when it is at its most stunning.

    While in Queenstown, try to fit in a cruise on the Earnslaw on Lake Wakatipu. Damn pretty. I'm not sure what the water levels will be like in Christchurch, but punting on the Avon River is lovely as well.

    It will be cold in just jeans, so stock up on stockings to wear underneath your pants. Yes, I did just say that. And have some leather gloves with you as well, those are VERY necessary.

    Like Natalie said, your best bet for plus sized clothing is in Farmers, like a cheap(er) version of Australia's Myer. And also, like Natalie said, sometimes you can find some randomly nice plus sized stuff in The Warehouse (The Big Red Sheds, you're bound to see them in Christchurch and Queenstown), though it can take a bit of hunting.

    If you have the time, plan a day trip from Christchurch to go to Akaroa, and hop on a boat. You'll be guaranteed to see some penguins and dolphins in their natural environment. :-)

  5. Hope you have a wonderful time. You have plenty of time to slim down a little more. No worries.

  6. Hey Tully .... I have the same time frame to lose weight for this f*&^'n wedding!! Come on I am sure we can do at least 5 kilos heh??

  7. You can make some real changes in that time if you want to! Looking forward to you blogging about it. Sounds like a beautiful trip - please take pictures. :) Canada is pretty boring sometimes. I need to live thru you guys.

  8. Oooh, and one thing I just realised. Ezibuy has a store in Christchurch. While it obviously won't have the same range as what you can get on the website, you might be able to score some stuff there :-)


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