Friday, June 01, 2007

- 0.5 Kilos

I think I lost another half a kilo this week, bringing me down to 109.5 kilos. I can't be positive though because ten minutes later I re-weighed myself and it showed 108.5, then I tried again and it said 109, then again and it was 109.5. So I think I may have to get me some new scales. I have always wanted some of those fancy body fat scales, but I think they cost a bomb and my finances are stretched. I'll have a look into it.

I am getting increasingly frustrated at my slow weight loss. I don't mind losing half a kilo, but occasionally I would like to knock off a kilo, just to give me a boost. The worst part is that I am working so hard and missing out on so much and to be honest, it doesn't feel worth it for a measly half a kilo. I am getting up at 6.00am every morning to exercise, then I walk to and from work (50 minutes), I drink 3 litres of water a day and keep my calories under 1200 and fat under 20 grams. I am not really sure what else I can do.

Next week I will expect a gain because in a couple of hours I am leaving to go to Daylesford for the weekend. Me, my brothers and their partners, my dad and my step mum are all going for my dad's 50th birthday. It is going to be a weekend full of wine and food and not much exercise. I am looking forward to the break, I haven't really ever gone away before or had a holiday, so this is pretty exciting for me! I have booked a masseuse to come out to the house we are staying in to give us massages. When I booked this a couple of months ago I was expecting to have lost more weight then I did. I have never had a massage before and I am feeling quite self conscious about it. I am not even sure if I will go ahead with it. I assume that lot's of fat people have massages, but I am not sure I can go ahead with it. I'll try and be brave and see how I go.


  1. oh it p's ya off twhen the scales do that hey!!!!
    Dont you dare back out of having a massage... do it... realx and enjoy it... if you are that concious think of it this way... are you seriously ever going to see this person again... and what does it matter anyway...
    do it.. you wont regret it..

  2. Good going on the loss - slow and steady is the way to keep it off! :) (that's what I keep telling myself too!) Take care!

  3. I agree with Christine, slow and steady mate.... I could never have a massage! Some strangers hands on my body? NO FREAKIN WAY!! I am far too self conscience for that! I would no doubt love it though! Derrr, can't win. You should do it and tell me what it is like!

  4. Go You! A loss is a loss! Great job!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!