Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weekend Indulgence

My family and I had a really nice weekend in Daylesford for my dad's 50th birthday. We stayed here on Friday and Saturday night and it was gorgeous. The property has a private lake and waterfall and 200 acres to walk about and explore. Everyone got massages on Saturday afternoon and I chickened out. Though in the end it would have been less embarrassing to go ahead and have a massage then put up with the fuss that the masseuse made about me not having one. After that we went out for a birthday dinner for my dad here. On Sunday we had to go back to Melbourne to have lunch with my dad's extended family in Port Melbourne, which I may as well link to while I am going link crazy. Then everyone went to the footy to see my Cats beat the Saints on Sunday evening (I didn't go though because I was exhausted).

So it was a really nice weekend and free from drama and tension, mostly... I was so exhausted by Sunday night when I got home and I still am. Who knew it was so tiring to do nothing. Thank god it is a long weekend in Australia this weekend!

I ate non stop all weekend which doesn't really bother me. The only problem is that I haven't stopped yet. I am skirting in dangerous territory if I don't get myself sorted soon. I am following a bad pattern I have of dieting before an event and then after it is over constant binging. I am setting myself the target of just eating healthy today, I don't have to exercise, just don't eat Maccas for tea like I did last night. I know things could go sour with my weight loss really quickly because I have plans for the long weekend and then next week I have lots of work lunches, dinners and meetings and all of a sudden I will be officially out of control!


  1. Must be something in the air ... I haven't stopped eating either!! lol

  2. It happens - so much that we can't control. You just have to try and make the best decisions that you can. You can do it.

  3. Yeah massages make me feel comfortable too. Dont get me wrong i love them, but really I feel like a im a big wobbly lump of lard.

    Dont stress so much about the eating, im a strong believer in things happening when they are meant to happen.

    Just make sure whatever your eating, that you enjoy it, otherwise theres no point eating it!!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!