Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself

So I have been at home on the couch feeling sick and sorry for myself for a few days and it is harder then it sounds. All I feel like doing is eating. I am bored and it seems only logical to use food to entertain myself...

So far I have resisted stuffing myself with chips and chocolate cake, but I have been eating more and exercising less then I normally would. I am starting to feel like a sloth. I got up this morning and did a 30 minute Rolling Hills walk on the treadmill, but I felt awful by the end of it. I probably shouldn't have pushed myself, but I can't help but feel guilty for doing nothing.

I forgot how hard it is to be healthy when you are at home all day and don't have a set routine. When I was working I was too busy to procrastinate all day about exercise, I just got up and did it before work. Now I sit here on the couch for 8 hours telling myself I'll do it after Kerrie-Anne, I'll do it after Dr. Phil, I'll do it after Oprah. Until I finally come up with a great excuse as to why I shouldn't do it at all.

All this free time has given me too much time to think as well. I am starting to shit myself about starting this new job. I am wondering whether I got myself in over my head and I am scared I am going to stuff up. Then I start fantasizing about moving to the country and opening up a cupcake shop and living the simple life.

I am also torn about what I should do with my next week off. Apart from Christmas, it could be a long time until I have another break, so I feel like I should make the most of it and just relax. Maybe sun bake in my courtyard, read books and eat whatever I feel like. Then I think I should use this time to focus on diet and exercise before the holiday season. Then today I started to wonder if I should jump on a plane to tropical destination for a few days of pina coladas and pampering.

I know it sounds like I am creating problems out of what is a pretty great situation, what is that saying about idle hands being tools for the devil or something???


  1. That actually sounds like the soundtrack of my life lol, I work from home and watch tv while I work and I put off exercise all day too and then I am too tired at night.

  2. Hmmm, I know that feeling too! My hands are far too idle... but on some days I am far too busy. Can't win.

  3. If you are sick, it's probably best to just let it take its course... unless of course it's more like a 'sick and tired' kinda thing haha... (i'm assuming it's the first)...

    And you'll do wonderfully at the new job! They obviously picked you for a reason - and that is because you are awesome! (I know despite all that, that it's hard not to worry, but you will be fine!)


Awww thanks so much for the comment!