Friday, November 23, 2007

Exciting News!

This week I registered a 1.1 kilo (2.4 lbs) weight loss which brings me down to 103.7 kilos (228.1 lbs). I am really pleased with that loss considering I had a big loss last week and I have also had a crazy week this week.

On Tuesday night I was offered a new job that I applied for a couple of weeks ago. It is probably no secret that I hate my current job, so to say I am pleased is an understatement. I will now be working as a managing editor, which is a pretty huge step up from my last job. I get my own office and I will get to travel a lot too apparently.

The tricky part is that I am now going to be working for a direct competitor of my old job, so when I told the president of the company on Wednesday morning they asked me to leave by the end of the day and escorted me from the building. I get paid out my 4 week notice period which is great, but the whole thing was a bit upsetting. I was only allowed to tell my colleagues from my department and most people were not happy for me. They were quite hostile and nasty about it actually. I think most of that is probably because they are nervous that I will take confidential information with me to a competitor and some of them are jealous that I now have a better job then them. Anyway, I am trying not to take the whole thing personally, everyone else that I work with have been really happy for me, so that is nice.

So you can imagine that exciting news like this could upset the diet a bit- well I normally use any excuse anyway! On Tuesday night when I found out I got the job I went and had champagne with one of my colleagues, but I only had 2 glasses and then stopped. Then my flat mate suggested my favourite gourmet burgers for dinner as a celebratory treat, but I managed to resist and instead suggested we had home made fajitas which are another favourite of mine and are a lot healthier. Then of course on my last day I had lunch with a couple of friends to celebrate and because I work near Lygon st we had pasta and I managed to order a tomato based veggie filled pasta (instead of my normal creamy cabonara) and I only ate half of it because it was a huge serve.

The coming week is going to be even tougher, tonight I have drinks with friends from work, tomorrow I have a friends wedding, Tuesday I am having lunch with my new colleagues and Thursday my new work are having a cocktail party for all our clients and I am going along to meet everyone.

I just can't afford to drop the ball at the moment, I am only 4 kilos away from being under 100 kilos and traditionally the closer I get to my goals, the more I lose focus. So over the next week I am going to step up the exercise, stay away from alcohol as much as I can, avoid canapes and make the best choices I can when I eat out. I start my new job in 2 weeks and by that time I want to be at my lowest weight of the year and I have 5 and 1/2 weeks to get under 100 kilos. I think it will be tough, but if keep focussed I can do it!


  1. Woohoo! New job, that's awesome. I think most organisations react the same way yours did when someone leaves to work for the opposition. It sucks, but it's the way it goes, unfortunately. Congratulations though!

    Well done on the loss, too :)

  2. Congrats on the new job :) I'm sorry to hear they werent very happy for you, jealous i say.

  3. You already know how thrilled I am for you with your new job, but I'll tell you again - CONGRATULATIONS!!! I am SO happy for you, girlie! :-D

    Those glasses of champagne were well deserved (to tell you the truth, I would've gotten absolutely sloshed, so you did AMAZINGLY well to keep it at that!)

    And I'm willing to bombard you with text message-age if you want help with the exercise thing ;-)

    Congratulations again! (And don't you give a minute's thought to those colleagues who were hostile and jealous of you, you're leaving them forevaaaaaaaaar!)

  4. Ahhh how exciiting!! Losing weight and moving on up in the world. I'm sorry that your work made it so unpleasant for you - that's horrible. I'm sure when you're sitting in your own office with your better pay and your fancy new title you will be filled with nothing but happy thoughts!

  5. Firstly CONGRATULATIONS on your new high flying job! That is FANTASTIC news!
    All the twits who were rude, and/or nasty are obviously going through their own issues. You know what? Who gives a damn what they think? You are moving onwards and upwards and they are being left behind in your success wake. Boohoo for them. They couldn't blow wind up your arse if they tried, and THEY KNOW IT.
    You deserve to drink champers. Maybe you could go a diet drink every second drink or something?? I am a bit of a pisshead when I go out, and recently I went to a local function and didn't drink AT ALL. Not one sip. And you know what? It felt really good. Like I was in control. The way I look at it, what do slim people eat when they go out?? I mean, the world is full of gorgeous bodies, and many of them are very busy and wealthy and have massive social lives. I think you can certainly still lose weight and have ONE free meal a week, not sure how you would go with several though.
    Anyway, enough raving from me. Congratulations again!!

  6. Terrific news! Can't wait to hear more about the new job and just keep thinking about how wonderful it'll feel to be under 100 kilos!

  7. I'm so proud of you! Congrats on the new job (good for you for realizing the unhappy people should not rain on your parade)! What an awesome step up!

    And I'm extra proud of your amazing weight loss progress! You've done such a great job. You go girl!

  8. Just for a different perspective. I'm been in the position where someone has resigned to go to the opposition and been ordered to leave that day. I too have probably reacted unpleasantly, but it's always just because it's always been in an office that is ALREADY extremely understaffed, so when I find out someone is leaving immediately, I just can't put on the happy face because I'm thinking "OMG, I already have too much work to do!!!". It's no hard feelings against the person that is leaving, but when you are already so stressed it is just hard to be happy for them straight away.... Just a thought :)


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