Monday, November 05, 2007

Weekend Ups and Downs

I have had a bit of a upsetting weekend because my brother and his fiance broke up on Saturday. She came here from Canada a few weeks ago (they met online) and they were due to get married on the 1st December. On Saturday she decided she didn't want to marry him anymore. So she has been distraught, she really didn't stop crying for like 48 hours. I picked her up on Saturday and took her to my mums because she doesn't know anyone and has no where to stay. My brother is obviously also devastated and I am pretty worried about him. He has bipolar and can have trouble dealing with things at the best of times. Anyway, I just feel heartbroken for everyone involved, it is so sad. I really thought this would be his chance to be happy.

My eating was a bit average on the weekend, but I'm not really worried about it. I went for drinks after work on Friday and then got maccas for tea when I was drunk. Then on Sunday night I went out for dinner with a friend to South Bank and didn't eat too healthy. I had the most divine dessert- Banoffee Pie. I had never heard of this before, it was a caramel tart with banana slices, whipped cream and shaved chocolate. It was so good, just what I needed as a pick me up! Then I went to visit my other brother and his partner (who is also Canadian) and she gave me some Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. We don't really have these in Australia which is lucky for me because they are so delicious! I swear I would be twice my size if I lived in North America and had access to the yummy junk food you guys have!

I went shopping on Saturday and successfully managed to avoid the greasy food court and instead had a salad from Sumo Salad for lunch. Even better, I didn't feel deprived and it wasn't a hard choice to make- I wanted to get something healthy. I guess I was also inspired by the 2 dresses I bought for the Christmas season. They are both quite flattering and I am excited to find an occasion to wear them! So I didn't eat perfect, but I don't mind because these things happen and I continued to do my exercise and make good choices when possible.

I feel good about the fact that I am not being obsessive about counting calories and I am letting myself enjoy life. I tend to get so obsessive when I diet, I am such an all or nothing person. So I keep trying to think about how I can sustain this for the rest of my life and for me that means splurging every now and then with friends and family because that is real life.


  1. That's too bad about your brother and his fiancee - I always wonder about things like that and when they stop working...

    It seems like your family loves Canadians! (just fyi: I am very willing to be adopted :) ) haha... but seriously.

    I agree with not worrying too much about the weekend, you have the whole week to recover from it - I say to just get right back on track now that it's over...

    And I wanted to congratulate you on your huge loss last week!! That is fantastic!

    And thanks for weighing in on my question - it is kinda sad we have to work harder at it the second (or third etc.) time around to get to the same point, but at least we are doing it, right? We are just as skinny as then - no matter what we 'feel'...

  2. Wow, talk about a bus few days.

    Yay! for new dresses. I have a couple that I bought and LOVE but haven't been able to wear yet. I'll wear them in Thailand, but I hope by then they're not too big (well, kind of hope, I also want to lose the weight so it's a bit of a dilemma).

  3. Tully... nice to "meet" you, too! Thanks for dropping by my blog! I'm glad you did... because now I can visit you! :)

  4. That's sad about your brother and his fiance, at least they called it off before the wedding! I love your attiutde to eating and dieting and still enjoying life.

  5. Damn, how sad about your brother :-( I know how much you love weddings, so you must find it all very sad.

    I love your new attitude, Tully. Somehow I think this new attempt will be much more successful than any of the ones you've had before :-)

  6. Very sad news about your brother and his fiance. Things like that are never easy on anyone.

    I just read your email (been away from my comp for a few days and I'm sending you an invite now. :)

  7. Woah thats pretty full on about your brother. I hope he is ok as well, these things can really be stressful! Must have been hard on both of them. I had a banoffee tart on the weekend but I didnt like it because the banana part of it was ice cream and ugh, real bananas so much better!!

  8. Bummer about your brother and the fiancee split. I hope they can both make it though okay.

    And congrats on a good shopping experience! I can't WAIT to be able to buy holiday dresses that don't look like potato sacks.


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