Friday, December 14, 2007

Mixed Success

I was pretty pissed off to get on the scales this morning to register a 500 gram gain to take me back up to 102.3 kilos. It is really tough when you think you are never going to see a number again and then it jumps right out back at you. I know that I had to eat out a bit this week, but I was ultra careful. It makes me wonder how much I would have gained if I wasn't careful...

It feels unfair when I think about all the wine, cake, chips, lollies, slices and biscuits I didn't eat this week that everyone around me was eating. Why can't my scale give me extra credit points for all the things I didn't eat, instead of punishing me for what I did eat. :-)

What I find most frustrating is that I had this feeling of pride that I was going to get through Christmas without gaining weight. I have never done that before, but I am not sure if that will happen anymore. Instead I will stop thinking about my success in terms of the number on the scale and measure it by the choices I make. When I think back over the last week and the choices I made there is nothing I regret and that is the important thing. So I guess that even though I gained, it was still a successful week?!


  1. Don't give up and decide you are destined to put on weight over Christmas just because of your weigh-in sweets! Remember that weight can be influenced by any number of things... fluid retention (esp going from cold-ish to boiling hot in just a day as we have this week!), big meal the night before, less fibre than usual, etc etc. So you might not have really put on any weight at all... why let such a slim chance that you may have put on weight ruin the rest of your month? :o)

    Believe in yourself, and be proud of what you have achieved this week! I think you're going great guns :o)

    Chat to you soon! Hope the new job is still going well :o)


  2. You're exactly right! This week was successful. And like you said, imagine where you'd be had you eaten all those "bad" things. You'd be feeling even worse.

    Being able to make the better choices when confronted with those decisions is the true success. Those are the hardest times, when it's just right in your face, begging to be be eaten. So seriously, well done. Hopefully next time it'll just get easier.

  3. I can tell you what will happen if you don't be careful! So, keep it up, don't give in cos of a piddly small gain... and you WILL be rewarded with a loss next week.... sometimes our loss does not show up for a week! So hang in there.

  4. I get in trouble because I let the scale determine too much of my attitude. I'm really trying to look at my eventual weight loss being a side effect of healthy living. I'm trying to set health as my goal instead of weight.

    New jobs are so hard! Hang in there!

  5. Thanks for all your words of encouragement... I am already off to a bad start, but the holidays aren't over yet... (I am not quite sure if that is a good thing or a bad thing...)

    And if you didn't eat a lot more than usual, then I completely agree with Brooke.. 500grams is not something to worry too much about.. what about weighing yourself everyday for a week or two? just so you start seeing the patterns... maybe that one morning it was up, but the next it would have corrected itself...

    Just keep at it! You are making a great effort and that is awesome!

  6. It's really hard. Isn't it? Because you want to make good choices and have them reflected on the scale.

    Christmas is a really tough time. Perhaps you can try eat just 1 or 2 tablespoons of anything you want. Come to think of it maybe I'll try that. ;P

  7. I think if your trying your best and making healthy choices then the week is definately a plus. I dont look at my weight loss in actual weight loss, I look at it as the bigger picture as getting healthy, fit and being happier, the weight loss is a secondary thing!

  8. This is the only part I hate about this time of year - weight gain. Keep your head up!


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