Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Chocolate for Breakfast

Chocolate for breakfast? Any wonder I gained a whopping 6 kilos over the holidays?! I weighed in on Monday 7th January at 108.8 kilos. This morning I sneaked a peak at the scales and I'm relieved to see that already a couple of kilos have disappeared.

I have tried since New Years Day to get back on the wagon and didn't get much past lunch time before I started stuffing my face again. Over Christmas I ate whatever I wanted and I really enjoyed it. Now that I am back to healthy eating I find that I am hungry all the time and feeling resentful that I can't eat pizza and chocolate every night. I must admit that everything seems more fun when you aren't worried about calories. I haven't felt like this for a while and I hate that I am feeling so out of control again.

I have been 'on plan' now since Monday and I am just hoping that after a couple of weeks my body will get used it again- until then I will just have to push through it. How is everyone else going with their New Year's diets? I feel like I am the only one who is struggling. There have been so many amazing posts lately that are really inspiring, I just wish some of it would rub off on me a little!


  1. Oh Tully, let me tell you that you are DEFINITELY not the only one struggling after all of the holiday nonsense. And you've been able to shed a couple of kilos since then, I'm still stuck at a much higher weight than before December hit me with full force.

    All we can do is hang in there, but you're right, the New Years posts have been inspiring, but at the same time, rather intimidating. I've resorted to publishing queued drafts on my blog. O_O

  2. I know how it feels when you finish the holidays and realised you've gained Tully, when I got on the scale the day after I got home from Bangkok I weighed 105kg. It made me very sad. The next day I was down to 104 so I reckon my one kilo was like your two, plane/water weight. I can't believe I'm actually suggesting this (considering I hate the thought of it so much) but what about ading in some exercise? that way even if you're eating is a problem, it will be a step in the right direction. I finally started exercising this week and it's not so bad once you've found a time to do it that works for you (I started by saying I'd do it in the morning, er, I won't).

  3. Don't go thinking you are alone cos you are not... we all struggle each and every day to stay on track, some days we win and some days we do not. Life eh?

  4. Omg tully you are far from being alone on this struggle... I just had a dirty great handful of gluten free lollies... and yesterday and today ate chock mint frigging stick things at work...arghhhh
    I am having a huuuuuuge battle getting back on track.. mind you ttom hit today with a vengance.. and I feel like a buddah....

  5. It is hard to come back after the holidays. VERY Hard!!! Think we're all in the same boat. Keep pressing on!!!

  6. Eating wise, the holidays weren't a complete crash and burn for me, but boy did I fall off the exercise band wagon. I kept telling myself it was because it was "too cold" but mostly I just didn't want to do it. Getting back on a regular exercise program has been the most difficult part of "starting over" in 2008 for me -- that and drinking half my weight in water. :)


    PS: I'm new to your blog, but am fast becoming a fan.

  7. Is it possible to eat whatever foods you want (in smaller quantities) and to lose weight by exercising? To be honest, I have never given the treadmill enough attention for that experiment to work. Do you know if it works? I struggle with this equation and for me it wouldn't be any good anyway because I need to avoid the high carbs for diabetes but I struggle with that anyway.....

  8. Chocolate and pizza - yum..... Just wanted to stop and say hello. It's really hard to stop by and read posts of people kicking ass on their plans, but one day it will be us too.

  9. darn right... it definitely took me until this week to officially get back to it. And I still think about food way too often.

    I have this craving of going down to the corner store and getting a huge bag of chips to eat (all of) and of baking cookies... darn it...

    I am thinking of giving myself a free day (and then just not using it because i don't want to ruin my weightloss - haha)... that might be just asking for trouble... grr..

    Sounds like you are doing great this week... keep going! Somehow we'll resist all (or most) of the temptations..

  10. when i was still in college, i would go to the grocery store to buy dinner every night thinking it was cheaper and probably healthier than take-out. i would eat a plate of sushi or a low-fat sandwich AND THEN HALF OR A WHOLE DOZEN CUPCAKES! EVERY NIGHT! i would buy the cupcakes for hell knows why and then just inhale them during all those late-night studying sessions. i gained 10kgs over the 2 months between the start of the study period to the end. LOL, you are not alone!! the holidays are awful!

  11. So far my New Year's diet is going well but I've got a birthday dinner for The Bride tomorrow night that I know for certain will contain CHEESECAKE so I'll be hitting the gym early to make a dent on the calories. But still.

    Don't worry, you're in the right mindset. That's half the battle. And like you said the scale is already going down. So that's progress! :)

  12. I hear ya honey!!! lol
    You'll get back on track ....


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