Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Saturday I went for a drive with a friend to Kyneton for lunch in a beautiful French restaurant. We had been trying to learn French, so we thought it would be fun to eat French food while we spoke French. I guess French food and wine improves just about every situation! After lunch we went to the most divine cupcake shop called Life's Sweet. It was AMAZING and I highly recommend going!

A guy offered me his seat on the tram tonight, I don't know if he was just being polite or if he thought I was pregnant. There was no reason to offer me his seat and I wasn't the only woman standing. So, because I am crazy, I considered pushing my stomach out and rubbing my belly to look more pregnant because I thought it might be less embarrasing if people actually did think I was pregnant. The guy who offered his seat looked like he was from the country and slightly like a Christian, so I am hoping he was just being a gentleman. Well that is what I am going to believe anyway.

I had a bit of a traumatic changing room experience on Sunday. I have been starting to feel better about my body lately and it turns out I may have been delusional. I was trying on a clingy top in a change room with 4 mirrors that showed every angle and I was shocked by the rolls of fat on my back. I guess I don't really see my back very often and I literally looked like a 3 tier wedding cake. The worst thing was that it made me wonder how often I have worn tops that looked that bad and not realised. I was surprised by how down I felt about the incident after, maybe I was more embarrassed then anything, but it was a good reality check.


  1. Ooo, the cupcake shop sounds wonderful!

    I've had similar experiences in change rooms. About a year ago, I was feeling great, like I had lots of progress, and was in shops trying on dresses... they all looked horrible though, it was so demoralising :(

  2. I love the French language. I wish I knew how to speak it. I remember a few words from my high school classes, and it can be easy to work out some of the words just based on the influence it has had on the English language.

    I'm kind of trying to learn Italian, but I'm not sure how that's going to pan out :D

    Oh, and that cupcake place looked great!

    And you're totally overthinking "The Bad"!

    I hate changing rooms =/

  3. how can someone look like a christian?

  4. I'm so going on a road trip for cupcakes. A seat on the tram is always good, no matter what the reason :D

  5. Who hasn't had that sort of experience in a changing room?? I have enough rolls on my back to open a bakery!! Clingy tops just don't work when you are "bootylicious"!!

  6. Oh yeah, and I'm with anon here, how do you look like a country christian?? I have an image in my head, wonder if it's the same one you have??

  7. Man I so relate to this post!!! LOL!!! I lived in Paris for
    just over two years and I love all things French ... well everything except the men maybe ... they're so overrated.

    'So, because I am crazy, I considered pushing my stomach out and rubbing my belly to look more pregnant...' LMAO!!! That's funny!!! I've had that experience as well of people getting up when I get on bus/tube and offering me their seat and it just does my head in. Can never figure out whether they think I'm pregnant or a senior citizen. :(

    Oh my God, the changing room reality check!!! There's nothing like a well appointed changing room to make one suicidally depressed!!! LOL!!!

    One of those cupcakes would make me feel a whole lot better!!!

  8. LMAO at the pregnant belly rubbing!! *giggle* At the end of a day, I suppose you'd do anything to just sit down!! *giggle*
    As for the changing rooms .... Honey, everyone looks bad in a changing room .... That is why you don't try on until you get home ... that way you don't get depressed!!! lol Works for me!! *giggle*
    And keep thinking you are 'all that' ....coz you ARE a hottie!!

  9. HA... 'country christian...' i know what you are taking about !

    Regard to back.. i just had photos taken back and front.. whooa! Didn't know that that was there!!!

  10. Oh man, the changing room mirror effect; very effective at killing one's self esteem. Even the thinny skinnies get burned by changing room mirror madness!

    And can we go to Kyneton to the French restaurant and cupcake place when I'm over there in August? Can we can we can we??? :-D

  11. Oh, you were just round the corner from me!!! (for the record, our chocolate shop is called Life IS Sweet and we nearly got into trouble because they had the name first)

    Back boobs are the worst. I remember when I lost 26 kgs last year my cousin said "Oh my gosh your hump at the back of your neck has gone". My hump? I HAD A HUMP???

  12. maybe the guy thought you were a bit of alright?!?

    Cuisine francaise? Delicieux!

  13. changing rooms are designed to make people feel self conscience. they have florescent lights and mirrors surrounding you that show EVERYTHING so you end up coming out dizzy and depressed and the retailers thought is that at that point you will be so unhappy that you will need to indulge in more retail therapy to make yourself feel better and its just a ploy to get you to spend more money. See, I have this all worked out in my head =)

    About the guy who offered you his seat, this is going to sound totally off the wall but maybe he was just nice. Weird, right? NO really, some people have no hidden agenda and offer up their seat. Have a good day!

  14. Dressing rooms are evil. The multiple mirrors, the bad lighting, all of it. Evil, evil, evil!

  15. I hate changing rooms! Avoid them at all costs is my advice!

  16. Hey Tully, I have an award for you over on my blog :)

  17. I hate changing rooms too! It seems they are fun mirrors or something and I look huge....or maybe that's the reality. And swimsuit shopping, don't get me started....pure torture!
    Glad you had fun at the french restaurant...don't think I've ever been to one, that's sad.
    I looked at the wedding pics and all your other pics and you look lovely!

  18. Oh goodness. I've had just about the exact same experience. The sad part- I played along. I did pet my belly and gave the man a gracious and appreciative smile when I sat down. I explained that my feet were killing me and he said, and I quote "Well you are carrying another person in there". Ha! If only he knew that that "other person" I'm carrying isn't a fetus but just enough fat to build another person. =) Love your posts. I can always help with the french if you need a hand!

  19. The man probably gave you a seat because he found you attractive. Because you are, seriously.


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