Saturday, April 05, 2008

Not A Weigh In Post

Ahhh, were you expecting a weigh in post? Well none of us need to see that at the moment, so lets all just live in denial for another week shall we? Great, thanks. :-)

I have had an up and down week of both food and life. As usual it is just work stressing me out and I am exhausted. Sometimes I just wonder how I get myself into these situations. I just keep telling myself that this is a wonderful opportunity and that it will be worth it in the end. Anyway, even I am sick of hearing myself whinge about work.

I have had some lovely times too over the last couple of weeks to. I had a great time in Perth last week even though I didn't actually have any time to do anything except work. It is a gorgeous city and I could see myself living there. I am looking forward to my next work trip to Perth in July and I am going to take some extra days off and do a trip to the Margaret River to sample a wine or two...

Last night I went to a lovely restaurant with a friend for his birthday where I indulged in a decadent three course meal and some much needed wine. Then we went to see Spamalot, which is not really my cup of tea, but it was a fun night. I must admit that I was so tired that I fell asleep for some of it, but after a power nap I was ready to keep going.

Today I went on a fun girly shopping day with my future sister in law and then we met my mum and gran for high tea at the Langham hotel. It was a lovely experience and I recommend it as a nice way to treat your mum or gran. It was just an exquisite selection of cakes, scones and sandwiches and boy of boy did I indulge. I don't think I will have room for dinner tonight!

I had a slight drama because my mum was making me a dress to wear out of this stunning butter coloured silk I found for my friends wedding next weekend. Then a couple of days ago she called me to say her sewing machine had a fit and ripped the dress and the sewing machine is now broken. So you can imagine how panicked I was about finding a dress at this late stage. When I was shopping today I found a gorgeous plum dress from Myer that was $300- a little more then I wanted to pay considering I already spent a small fortune on the silk for the dress that got ruined and I have to pay for two nights in a hotel for the wedding. Anyway, as any fat girl who is looking for formal wear will understand, you will pay ANYTHING for a nice dress! Photos will follow next week after the wedding!

I know I have another tough week ahead of me because I am going to Sydney for the day on Monday for a meeting at some revoltingly early hour of the morning and when I get tired and stressed I just love to comfort eat. That's OK, I can't keep using being tired as an excuse because that is just life. Is it just me or is a lot of the blogging world feeling a bit unmotivated at the moment?


  1. Nope... it's not just you. It seems like a lot of us are struggling to get our mojo back right now.

    The dress sounds fabulous! I bet you'll look gorgeous! Can't wait to see pics! :)

  2. Glad to hear you've had some good times this past week or so :) That high tea sounded amazing :D

    I really couldn't say that I notice a trend in the blogging world, but that's probably because I really don't read a whole heap of blogs.

  3. There's definitely a trend in blogland - a lot of people are struggling. (not only that, people seem to be QUIET, I don't know where all of my readers have gone!)

    Oh MAN, that dress drama sounds horrendous! Reminds me of the panic I went through when I had to buy a dress for Sarah-I's wedding at the last minute, but I know it's much more of a hassle when you're dealing with plus sizes (dresses look like sacks or aprons. Bah!)

    I am looking forward to photos of that wedding! :-D

  4. Oh I hear you on the struggle. Tomorrow is my first weigh in in two weeks. I hope I have lost something. Hey ... I am getting a new sister in law too! Can't wait to see the plum dress! The butter silk sounded very pretty too! I have no clue what I am even going to wear to my brother's wedding this summer on the beach ... any cool stores with online ordering options in your corner of the globe?

  5. I know heaps of people in the same boat.

    Me included.

    I just need to stop drifting in the boat and get the bloody oars out and start rowing!!

  6. I, for one, am most certainly struggling!

    Sometimes I just want to enjoy life rather than going to the Gym or counting calories. Unfortunately for me, enjoyment comes in the form of food!!!! If only I could change this....

    Miss Pinky

  7. Oh yeah, I know what its like to only have 2 dresses to choose from out of a whole shopping centre. It sucks. I get frustrated when my skinner friends try on 80 dresses and complain about them all. Its like, oh god you look fine shut up and buy a freakin dress already !!

    I always wanted to try high tea, might have to give it a go! xx

  8. Chin up chicken!!... Bummer about the dress ... glad you found another one!!
    You look fantasic and you should start to feel the same way!!! Can't wait for some pics!! Enjoy yourself!!!

  9. Hope you had a great time at the wedding. Sorry you have been feeling off re: weight loss goals. Sounds as though you have been having a good time though and sometimes that is what we need to gather the strength to move forward.


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