Friday, August 08, 2008

Low Carb

I started the Tony Ferguson diet a couple of weeks ago and learnt that limiting carbs were part of the programme. I have never counted a carb in my life and until last week I wouldn’t have been able to even hazard a guess at how many carbs there are in a chocolate bar or a piece of bread- though I could reel off the fat and calorie counts. The more I looked into low carb eating and how it worked on the TF programme, the more interested in it I became.

It occurred to me that it might be more beneficial to follow a low carb diet and eliminate the shakes altogether. I find shake diets to be extremely beneficial in eliminating food from my life, as a food addict, there are times I need to stop thinking about food and this is the only way I can do that. So the fact that TF included both food and shakes didn’t work for me personally. I was intrigued by the benefits of low carb eating and did some more research on it to investigate if it would work for me. I needed to take into account and my health concerns (PCOS) and was pleasantly surprised to see that it was recommended for people with insulin problems.

The low carb diet I am following is Atkins. Yes the A word. I have had an incredible amount of criticism since I told friends and family I am following this diet. I have been on shake diets and got less criticism, yet on this everyone has an (often un-informed) opinion. I am keeping an open mind on this diet, I honestly don’t know if it will work out or not but I think it is worth a try. So far I don’t feel hungry, I am enjoying the food and I have a lot of extra energy. I am also able to drink wine, and eat in restaurants easily which suits my lifestyle. I have also lost a few kilos along the way. Could this be too good to be true?

Here are just some of the foods I have been eating…

• Zucchini quiche (egg, zucchini, spring onion, cheese, cream)
• Omelette (filled with onion, capsicum and cheese)
• Poached eggs with bacon

• Chicken salad (lettuce, cucumber, onion, capsicum, grilled chicken with mayonnaise)
• Caesar salad (lettuce, bacon, parmesan cheese, boiled eggs with caesar dressing)
• Greek salad (lettuce, olives, fetta cheese, onion, cucumber with extra virgin olive oil)

• Kebabs (chicken, beef, onion and capsicum) with cauliflower and broccoli sprinkled with cheese
• Pork chops with stir fried cabbage, onion and bacon
• Lamb chops with asparagus spears, grilled zucchini and cauliflower
• Burritos (chicken breast wrapped inside lettuce leaf with cheese, tomato salsa and sour cream)
• Steak with vegetables baked in olive oil and rosemary

Snacks- if needed
• Celery sticks with philly cheese
• Olives
• Boiled egg
• Piece of cheese
• Handful of nuts

Sweets- if needed
• Cheesecake
• Diet jelly
• Lindt 85% chocolate


  1. Atkin's is awesome! I'm excited for you!

  2. I've been on Atkins a number of times. The last time I lost about 15 kgs. Then I gained it all back and way more.

    Not saying that that will happen to you, but if you approach it like it's just another diet, it might.

    It's really meant to be a lifestyle change, something that you do for the rest of your life. And if you think that's something you can do (it's not all like phase 1 :D), then I think it'll work. But if this is just meant to be a quick "kick start", I don't know.

    But even so, I hope it works for you and I hope it helps you! So good luck!

  3. You don't need to follow Atkins to be low-carb; for me, somehow, rather incredibly, low carb and intuitive eating intertwine - I seem to feel so much better when I cut back on them. I realised that so much of carbs are fillers anyway, things like bread, noodles, and rice. That being said, there is no greater fuel for exercise than carbs, which is why I've brought them slowly back into my eating.

    And hey, being able to eat at restaurants is always good! Looks like we'll be able to have a few dinners together when I'm over there :-D

  4. Oh, the only thing about going low carb all of the time is you get bloody sick of eggs for breakfast. Low carb breakfasts for me, didn't work. Having a high carb breakfast and lower carb lunch & dinners meant I had enough fuel for exercise and didn't feel like overdosing on cheese and crackers after coming home from the gym. (Just as an FYI)

  5. Arrr... the big "A" word....

    It works... really does but I also agree with fat lazy guy.. you need to be able to do what you do to lose weight for the rest of your life...

    But also, in saying that, your health the the most important things to consider and being overweight is not good for you, so to be able to lose weight will be good for your health. If you have people give you a hard time about it not being 'good' for you, just say that "I need to lose weight for my health... I don't want to become a statisic for diabeties, heart problems or whatever..." that usually will shut them up..

    Atkin's has had a heap of bad press over the years, but it can work.. and your must remember what works for one isn't going to work in the same way for another... your body is different to the next, your emotions are different to the next...

    I think you could agree that the buzz that you get when you are stick to a plan and start losing weight and feeling fantastic is the best push to keep going.

    good luck and stick to the program and share the results!

  6. I've never tried Atkins but I can tell you that anything that reduces carbs and increases proteins is interesting to me.

    Further to Yummy Mummy's advice on what to say to those wo criticise you - I'd say "I'm on a high protein diet, it keeps me fuller for longer". I wouldn't give them the benefit of criticising Atkins. But that's just my state of mind right now.

  7. If it works for you then fab! Just beware the bad breath that it can cause (I have a too-good sense of smell) and have some sugar free gum around.

    I'm more an everything-in-moderation eater, but like Marshy I have bread etc in the morning and then phase it out during the day. I reckon the wine I drink at night has more than enough carbs without me adding starches too!

    It is a lifestyle change, not a diet, but that's true of all good "diets"!

    To get away from the nay-sayers try not to call it "Atkins", just say you're cutting back on "sugar and starch" and they'll have nothing bad to say.

    Good luck!

  8. Good on you! Have you heard of Donna Aston's books? She has lots of low carb high vegie meals and recipe ideas. It makes a whole lot of sense.

  9. If it works for you then who cares what other ppl think! I reckon having more energy is always a good sign :D

  10. Not really knowing much about Atkins but probably just getting caught up in what I had heard I was thinking "Oh that is crap"....but looking at what you are eating, it actually looks really good and healthy.

    You stick to whatever is fitting in with your lifestyle because that is what you will stick with!

  11. anything that makes you moderate anything is hard, but if you are willing to do it and it helps you then - do it : P

  12. Hi I just wanted to say hello. I have insuline resistance ( I do not know if you mean that when you say you have insuline problems) and I went to a dietitian and she told me to count carbohidrates and fat also (because insuline problems sometimes come with cholesterol problems that is my case now ) so I do not know nothing about Atkins diet but reading what you say about it I think you should keep an eye on the cheese or choose one low fat. But anyway congratulations for take care of yourself and your health. By the way english it is not my first language so if you see mistakes here you know why now. Take care and go ahead with your diet. Claudia

  13. I don't know anything about Atkins but when I am eating at my best I am eating oats in the morning and lots of fruit and vegetables and some kind of low fat protein. I have a serious sugar addiction and I find that carbs stimulate it. When I reduce or cut them out I feel better.

    Each person has to find what's best for them and I think you are on the right road in terms of experimenting to see what works best with your lifestyle.


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