Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pregnant Women

I have about had it with pregnant women making insulting weight related remarks. I work in a youngish, female dominated industry and they seem to be getting preggers left right and centre. So every social work conversation invariably leads to them talking about pregnancy/baby issues. Yes, fascinating I know. That is fine though, I understand it must be a shock to a tiny size 8 frame to all of a sudden be carrying a weight the size of a basketball. What annoys me is when they start talking about how disgusting it is to be so fat.

Not only do they talk about how disgusting being fat is but they constantly make a big deal about all the things they can't do now that they are pregnant- and I don't mean each blue cheese. This is embarrassing because they are often things I can't do because of my weight and hearing a group of women exclaim over it makes me feel uncomfortable. Surely everyone must realise that if this pregnant woman can't do X or Y because of her girth, then fatty over there (me) can't do it either because even though I am not pregnant, I am actually wider then the pregnant woman.

I just think that these people are adults and should be more sensitive to other people. If I suddenly decided to dye my hair orange* I wouldn't come to work and complain about how revolting I am now that I have orange hair and that having orange hair is ugly and I especially wouldn't say it to someone with orange hair!!!

Rant over.

*No offence to anyone with orange hair, that is just a dumb example. I actually wish I could pull off being a red head, I think it is very hot.


  1. Geepers girl! That is one heck of a rant! And I have been giving it some thought.

    How is it I do not respond that way to pregnant women talking about the things they cannot do because if their girth (that is such a stupid word by the by)?

    One, I hardky ever feel insulted.
    Two, I usually join in telling them I know what they mean, but with me it is not or has not been for just for 9 months. any comments made on losing weight are easily rebutted by saying it may take me longer than their mere 9 months -grin-
    three,the women in your circle of friends and colleagues are pretty odd. Is it not so that usually the "inabillities" are viewed as coveted uncomfortabillities, rather than hated signs of preganancy?

    As for you, don't let any one insult you. If youa re part of the discussion and if you feel they are commenting on your obesity, make them feel that what they do and say actually affects you negatively. Sometimes people are not even aware of it, though. I mean they are talking about preganancies.......not issues with being overweight.

    and your discomforts will disappear as you lose more and more weight, just weight....-grins- and see!

  2. There was a great advert over here where a big guy was riding on the bus along side a pregnant woman and her daughter. The young daughter looked at her mother, then at the man, and asked him very earnestly, "Is your baby gonna be a boy?"

    Thank goodness I haven't experienced that yet :D

  3. Hi, just popped in off Beck's blog, the heading lured me in. As someone who has recently been pregnant for the first time, the only thing I could say is that it's not about you. I don't want that to sound nasty but these women aren't even thinking about anyone's all about them right now. Very insensitive to others around them, as you feel, however they are not saying those things to be rude to you or to overweight people, just like if they were talking about infertility or adoption or any other's just what they're going through and it is what it is. One thing I learnt about being pregnant was every body thought my body was public property for them to comment on my size, touch my stomach and constantly scrutinize me and I hated it. I found that the way people responded to me was all about them, never about me. Don't be's not about you.

  4. I guess the reason why they feel so pissed about it is because it's a sudden change. And like Mish said, it's all about them, not you.

    That being said, I feel the anger and extreme annoyance that you refer to. And while you say they are adults and should be more sensitive, as most of us in fatblogdom know, adults can be the most immature folk on the planet.

    I'm glad you got this off your chest.

  5. Funny how some people just dont think aye...

  6. Good to get it off your chest. Your point is well made. Human beings are generally quite myopic pregnant or otherwise.


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