Monday, August 25, 2008

Moving Sucks

So for the last two weeks I have been flat out moving house. It is just disgusting how much crap I have. I just have so much furniture and appliances and electrical goods. It almost makes me feel uncomfortable, like I am weighed down by it all. I hate feeling so tied down by work, credit card debt, having a lease and having so much stuff. I wonder how I got to this point where I feel so constrained. The majority of things I do these days are because I have to or I feel obligated. I think I might need to make some radical changes next year. I don't know what yet, but I know I am not happy living like this.

So it is a little creepy being out in the suburbs, but I am getting used to it. The first night we went there we only stayed 15 minutes and then left because we hated it so much. I am now enjoying all the extra space and having some peace and quiet. It is a nice house to entertain in, I had all my family over yesterday for lunch and it was so easy and comfortable. I also have a huge bedroom with an ensuite and a walk in robe, I almost feel like a queen in there.

While I was moving house I ate absolute crap every night. We had been going to the old place every night after work, packing boxes till late and then getting a take away on the 45 minute drive back to our new place. I didn't even try and eat healthy because I just didn't give a fuck by that stage. I am now pretty much settled in and ready to get back on board low carb. Though as I type this it is Monday evening and I am still going to be at work for a few more hours. I didn't pack any dinner and my resistence to the vending machine is getting lower by the minute. Maybe I'll get back on board tomorrow...

*** EDIT: Don't try and save me, I just went hammer and tongs at the vending machine. Who ever invented double coated cherry ripes is a fucking genious. ***


  1. Oh yum, I love cherry ripes, they are hard to come by here!!

    Where were you living? I would kill for an ensuite.

  2. Oh god tell me about crap eating when you are busy moving house! I bought shit loads of instant type stuff to shove down our gobs! Cerala bars, biscuits, energy drinks.... evil.

  3. How come you get double coat Cherry Ripes and we don't?????? neeeeeed....

  4. Oh yummooooo I used to love cherry ripes.. unfortunatley they have gluten in them...
    But double coat... oh delish...
    Glad you are enjoying your new abode...

  5. Glad to hear you're not completely "in-hate" with the 'burbs :D

    Hope you enjoyed the cherry ripes.

  6. Glad to hear the 'burbs aren't all bad. I would kill for some spaciousness, and an ensuite... ooh la la!

    Let's do coffee soon :)


  7. i love the original cherry ripes as i love the high cherry ripe goo to chocolate ratio. mmmm cherry ripes. we live in the suburbs but i guess all of adelaide is suburbs =)

  8. Did the same thing when I moved house, your so in between places and fridges and cooking utensils are here there everywhere so we ate junk for a week.

    I put on about 3 kilos in that week. But Its gone now! Yay!

    Cherry ripes are divine arent they!

  9. *grins as I read your story* THAT DOES IT, I AM NOT MOVING EVER!!!

    This too.....shall pass. But from what I read from your blogpost, it need not hurry?



    Footnote: I hate cherries, and vending machines and me is NOT a good idea!

  10. I felt the same when I moved from my cute little unit into my massive "family home"....I think I cried for about a month. Now I love the extra space and it really feels like "home". I am happy that you are settling in well and seeing the positives of it all.

    You will get back on track with your food once things settle down. Moving is terribly stressful and you really don't need the added pressure of trying to eat well at the same time. It's also pretty much impossible to cook while you are moving anyway.

    About those cherry ripes....I tried one of the double coats last night and I actually don't like them. I prefer the normal ones. Amazing....I have finally met a chocolate I don't like!


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