Friday, August 29, 2008


If you are in Melbourne today you would be enjoying a beautiful (almost) spring day. I actually love cold and wintry days, but I also get excited when the first signs of summer start. I am sure that come the middle of January when I am sweltering in 40 degree heat I won't be quite as excited, but right now it is enough to put an extra spring (pun intended) in my step. This sunshine is very inspiring, it makes me feel like getting active and eating fresh and healthy foods. I even broke out the fake tan and wax strips last night to get me right in the mood.

What is off putting is the pesky weight gain I have had lately. It is almost like my brain didn't connect with the fact I had gained weight until I went shopping yesterday and nothing fit me. I mean I knew I had gained weight, but I sort of dismissed it because I had other things going on to worry about. I am hitting the town with some girlfriends in Geelong on the weekend and not only do none of my clothes fit but none of the clothes I tried on in the shops looked any good. Way to put a dampener on a fun night out. Oh well, I will just have to rely on the vodka for confidence...

I have been back in the swing of things with my low carb eating this week and feeling good again so I know I'll get there in time. I just get a bit excited and feel like after a day of eating on plan I should miraculously lose 15 kilos and fit into all my clothes again. I then torture myself and try on clothes I know won't fit and then stand in front of the mirror and try to talk myself into thinking I can get away with it. I mean if I suck my stomach in and stand on this angle with my shoulders back in dark lighting you almost can't tell... Luckily reason won and I put away the skin tight jeans for now. I am going to go on one last shopping trip tomorrow morning- because we all know that those last minute desperate shopping trips are so successful and not stressful at all... Oh well, I am not going to let it get me down, this sunny day just makes me too happy!


  1. Gut sucking undies are always good :D

    I do that with clothes too - one day of good eating is surely enough for the clothes to fit again, isn't it?

  2. I love the sunshine and hate the cold - one reason why we live here and not in England.

    I would like to think that one day though, my first thought when I see sunshine is not, how many loads of washing can I do today?

  3. We had a nice sunny day like that yesterday. It was so nice, I did my blogging in the sun :D

    I'm sure you'll have a great weekend :)

  4. Amazingly we are getting lovely weather here in Tassie too... funny how it takes a night out with the girls to wake us up to the fact we have gained too much weight to wear our fav clothes or fit into the size we thought we were when we go shopping..arghhh I have been so slack this winter..come on summer so I can shame myself into eating better and wearing my smaller clothes again...*sigh* a lifelong battle I am afraid...

  5. Just checking in. It is still very hot in the states. It is suppose to be in the 90's today. I can't wait for autumn temperatures to start! It's my favorite season!

  6. While it's nice that summer is coming to you, it means that winter is coming to me :(

    As for clothes...arg! They can be so frustrating--but I bet you will look great no matter what--I've since your pics. You are beautiful, especially when you smile--so just smile a lot :)

  7. Since I live in England and I haven't seen the sun in such a very long time that I don't know what it feels like anymore, I can't relate to this post.


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