Thursday, October 09, 2008


I am off to Hawaii tomorrow for a couple of weeks, just a few problems...

1. The Aussie dollar has crashed and fallen 30% over the past couple of months
2. I have a bad case of gastro
3. I just got a head cold

So I haven't really eaten since Sunday because I have been so sick with a stomach bug. I thought I was just hung over on Sunday and then Monday I thought I just had a two day hang over and and felt crap because I hate going to work. By Tuesday I had to take the day off work and I knew it wasn't just a hang over. Since I am going on holidays tomorrow and was away at a conference all last week, I really had to come into work the last couple of days. Do you know what is worse then having gastro? Having to go to work with gastro! Not a pleasant situation. My poor flatmate didn't know what to do this morning when we were in peak hour traffic on the West Gate Bridge and I am about to be sick. He couldn't get to the emergency lane so told me I had to be sick in his brand new car, lucky I managed to hold it. It was kind of funny watching the panic on his face!

A few girls at work have bad colds and with my resistance down I caught it from them right away. By 2.00pm yesterday it had hit me full force. So I have loaded up on drugs at the chemist last night, but can anyone recommend anything to help with gastro? I have to fly for almost 24 hours tomorrow and it is not going to be pleasant. I have tried Imodium, but it isn't really doing the trick. Can I go to the doctors and get an injection or something? The friend who is travelling with me (half jokingly) told me he wants to change seats and I don't blame him!

The good news about the Aussie dollar is that I did pay for my accommodation back when it was really strong, so I can just keep my expenses down and it doesn't cost anything to lay by the beach and swim. I guess I am lucky that this is the only way that the economic crisis has affected me, a lot of people I know have it a lot worse.

I must say that the situation is so bad now that it is actually hilarious! I have only ever been on one other holiday and I got really sick the day before I left for it as well. I still managed to have a ball last time and I am sure I still will this time. OK, I need to go and make another electrolyte drink to get my strength up.


  1. Have a great time! Laying by the beach is cheap! :-)

  2. Lomotil tablets are good, they help with the spasm's and the diarrohea, you can get them over the counter at a Chemist.

    Hope it all works out for you and you have a good holiday.

  3. Hey have a great time! Thanks for the birhtday wishes by the way sorry it has taken so long to leave a comment

  4. Have fun! I'm not sure what the answer is re: gastro, but definitely see the dr, or ask a pharmacist, they might have an idea of how to help :)

  5. Oh, hope you feel better really soon - nothing worse than being on holidays when you can't enjoy it!

    Have a great trip!


  7. Hope you've survived the flight! Have a wonderful wonderful holiday :0)

  8. Go to the doctor immediately and get a Maxalon injection, it is the only thing that will stop the vomiting. The doctor should also give you a script for Maxalon pills which are handy because sometimes one injection won't do it (I've had to have two before).

    I hope you're feeling better soon and enjoy your much deserved holiday!

  9. Oh you poor thing... I hope you managed to get something to help...
    I am jealous of your trip... I just had 4 days in melbytown and thought that was awesome... haha.. I know..I lead a sheltered life!

  10. Hope you're having a fabulous holiday, beautiful! Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back :) xoxo

  11. Oh dear!!! I hope it all clears up soon and you have a great holiday.


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