Thursday, October 30, 2008

November Challenge

I have set myself a challenge for November to only eat food from home (that I have bought from the supermarket, I don't slaughter my own meat). I have to admit that this is just as much about saving money as it is about being healthy. One of my biggest expenses is food, I love to eat so much that I find I spare no expense when it comes to food. Lately I have started to buy my lunches at work and I get home so late that it is often a take away. If I have a spare night I like to go out for dinner and by the time I order my food and drink a bottle of wine my bill is quite high- not to mention my calorie count!

So you may have noticed that I have avoided talking about dieting for a while and you can probably guess the reason. Just in case you can't, I will tell you that I have been a sloth and I haven't cared. I am a bit unhappy at the moment due to some work issues and it makes it hard to give a fuck about whether or not I should be eating a snickers bar. I have had the hunger really bad too and I am just ravenous all the time. I can really feel the weight gain every where.

Last night I made some small progress when at 8.30 pm I decided to get up and go for a walk around my neighbourhood. It was only a 20 minute walk and wouldn't come near to negating any of the shit food I ate yesterday, but it is a step in the right direction.

I am donating blood tonight after work, so I should lose a half a kilo of blood. I wonder if they'll let me come back every night for the next few weeks and maybe then I can make it to my 2008 goal weight...


  1. I have exactly the same problem, both financially and physically, that I don't prepare my own meals enough (whether I rely on take away/eating out or just covieniance crap in the moment from my supermarket).

  2. Yeah, pretty much all Japanese 'chain' supermarkets have bakeries in them. It'd be awesome if I had any sense of control or proportion.

  3. i heard some good advice from a trainer once upon a time.

    he told me to stick to the 'edges' of the supermarket. all the fresh food, all stored in the cold cabinets in around the edge, and all the processed SHITE is in the aisles.

    he's right too. i still do it now. of course i have to go down the aisles, but about 80% of what i buy goes directly into the fridge.


  4. this stuff is all SO EXPENSIVE
    I keep telling myself Ill save money in the long run----here's hoping :)

    and kudos on the walk!!

  5. Yep, I can relate to that! That's how I justify the cost of WW memberships, gym memberships etc - in reality it's cheaper than the "extra" foods (dining out, takeaways etc) that I buy. But your challenge (and going public about it) is one way of taking back control.

    Congrats on the walk too - it may seem like a small step but at least it's in the right direction.

  6. Oh sweetie. Maybe you should delete your 2008 goal from your blog (it's only making you sad!) and put up a new, realistic goal? Maybe to lose another 5kg? It doesn't matter what you've done up till now... you can start over, wipe the slate clean, set some new goals and start feeling good about yourself again. I think it's so hard to feel positive about yourself and keep on trying if you're plagued by thoughts of 'but I was meant to weight xx amount by this date but I really weight x kilos more than that'. Just my two cents, anyway!

    Are you having some time off over Chrissy? We should catch up!

  7. weight = weigh, x2! Not sure what happened there!

  8. Hello,
    i have just found your blog thru Kitty,like you,i have the weight to loose, its a struggle,but at least we are trying!
    i have just got back on the wagon,and i am really enjoying the walks and 'good' food, i look for ward to reading your blog now that i have found it and popping in and seeing your progress.
    i have just skimmed over your old posts,we have a few things in common(apart from a little padding!) The Mighty Catters!-Next year.... Melbourne and alot of the blogs you check out!
    Here's to November!

  9. That sounds like a good challenge. I hope it works out :)

    And nice job on going for a walk! Definitely a step in the right direction :) Like Miss Milo said, the past doesn't matter, it's what you do now, so well done :)

  10. Hi

    I've also gone the wrong way in my weight battle... and I've also just finished an idyllic holiday.


    Like a commenter said on my blog - remember the holiday and don't beat yourself up!

    Time to re-set the goals, take stock and do the right thing. Cooking all your own food will help. As will giving blood (I also find myself wondering if I'll burn calories to make the new blood cells!)

    Hang in there and hope things cheer up!


Awww thanks so much for the comment!