Monday, November 03, 2008

Hawaii Photos

OK, get yourself a pina colda and strap yourself in for a long photo post!

My friend, AJ, and I took off for Hawaii on the 10th October to go to a friends wedding, but really it was just a good excuse for a beach holiday. We had the time of our lives and we truly indulged in every sense. I felt happy and relaxed from the tip of my toes to the ends of my hair.

I am not really a 'beach' person and that is probably because I feel uncomfortable going to the beach at my weight. I was surpised to find that I didn't feel uncomfortable the whole time I was there. There is such a chilled out vibe in Hawaii that you can't help but just relax and not care about anything. I was walking about the resort in my bathers without a care in the world.

We didn't sleep at all on the plane so when we were waiting for our connecting flight from Honolulu to Kauai I zonked out completely. I look terrible because I was so tired and had a cold and had a stomach bug for over a week, so I was pretty much drained. It took us three flights and about 24 hours to get from Melbourne to Kauai, but it was worth it.

When we got to the island of Kauai, we picked up our hire convertable and drove to Poipu to the gorgeous Sherton Resort. They gave us gorgeous fresh lei's and we were immediately ready to get into Hawaii mode.

Still having not slept for about 30 hours, that night we went to a wedding-eve luau where we got stuck into the Mai Tai's and a Hawaiian feast. I was so tired on this night that I thought I would wear extra bronzer to make me look more alert, instead I look like I need to wash the dirt off my face.

After the food and drink I fell asleep during the very looong show, but it apparently went something like this.

Me before the wedding (the humidity is responsible for my rosy cheeks and frizzy hair).

And my gorgeous date.

The guitarist for the beach at the wedding.

I am not sure if I should be posting pictures of people without their permission, but the bride just looked so beautiful that I had to post this.

At the wedding I did a lot of this...

And this...

And ended up like this at the end of the night...

Apparently the hotel staff were really concerned about me, but AJ reassured them that I do that pretty much every Saturday night so not to worry. Such an unflattering photo, but it certainly paints a picture!

It was one of the best weddings I have ever been to, it was so much fun. I have some pretty crazy photos, but because they involve people I don't really know I better not post them. It was definitely worth the trip and was an awesome night.

The next day I was (shockingly) relatively hang over free, so we got up and drove to the over side of the island to Princeville. We intended to go swimming, but the waves looked a little crazy so we kept away from the water. Turns out this was a good idea because 3 tourists died in separate incidents on these beaches on that day.

Later that night, back at the hotel, we enjoyed a beachside dinner and cocktails.

The next day we flew back to Honolulu and hired a Jeep and drove to the North Shore of the island. We were staying in the Turtle Bay Resort where they shot the movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall. It was a stunning resort and I think I could happily live there for the rest of my life.

We spent most of the next 7 days by the pool or the beach drinking cocktails and feasting on delicious foods. It was the happiest and most relaxing experience of my life and just what I needed after a stressful year. In no particular order, here are some pictures from our time on the North Shore of Oahu.

The view from my hotel room.

The beach at the hotel.

Margarita's and mexican food- heaven!

Some of the beautiful scenery on the island.

The Pineapple Express- just like the movie!

Us on the Pineapple Express, not quite as much fun as the movie... I think I look 9 months pregnant in this picture, I need to remember to sit up straight!

The worlds largest maze... I was in there for about 20 minutes and only found 1 of the 8 stamps I was meant to find. I decided I couldn't be fucked finding the rest so I left. Also, when you have a stomach bug, do not go in the worlds largest maze where you have no hope of finding a bathroom, it makes for some stressful times.

Good food and wine and good times

Oh my god, the chocolate in Hawaii is awesome. So many chocolate bars, so little time.

Relaxing by the pool with a trashy book.

The resort pool.

Normally I wouldn't eat shrimp (prawns) from a dirty truck on the side of the road, but I was assured that these were the best.

Looks messy, but they were pretty good!

The famous M. Matsumoto shave ice. So refreshing on a hot afternoon!

The gorgeous sea turtles. We were lucky enough to see lots of these beautiful creatures.

AJ with our Jeep.

We went into Waikiki once to go shopping and once to go out for dinner because it was only about an hour drive from the resort. It was a gorgeous place and there was such a great buzz in Waikiki but it was nice to get back to the chilled out vibe of the North Shore.

The beach at Waikiki

Playing on the beach at Waikiki

The shops at Waikiki.

I pretty much refused to drink anything unless it had an umbrella (and a shot of vodka).

The gorgeous Turtle Bay Resort.

Pretending to be a Sports Illustrated model...

Where I wish I was right now!

Another beautiful sunset.

Me eating Milk Duds at the airport at 4.00am and looking a treat.

A few more things...

* Kauai had more chickens running wild on the island then I have ever seen before. It is weird walking around a 5 star resort and seeing feral chickens everywhere.

* A guy stopped me in the street to tell me that I was the whitest person he has ever seen.

* Me and AJ had a taco eating competition in Taco Bell. That was a long drive back to the hotel...

* I became addicted to The Hills. I love American TV so much.

* I had a 3 hour delux pedicure and massage by the beach. This was the best experience of my life. Amazing.

* On the second day in Hawaii I decided to sunbake, even though my skin hasn't seen the sun for years. I even said "I don't need the 30 plus sunscreen, just give me the tanning oil". Those words came back to haunt me.

* I went shopping and got 3 pairs of bathers, 2 tops and a dress for $162- bargain!

* Sophie from Australian Idol was on our plane from Sydney to Melbourne. I love Sophie and was so sad to realise she must have been kicked off if she was on our plane. :-(


  1. awesome post darls - i feel like i went along too!


  2. I love the photo of you drinking two drinks!

  3. Awww gorgeous pics hon! You look absolutely beautiful and I am so jealous!

    Btw AJ is a spunk! ;) hehe


  4. echo's Kitty - yes indeed an awesome post! i too feel like i was lazing about on the beach & drinking those vodka umberella drinks with you!!! could go one right now - beach & a vodka :0)

    Glad u had such a wonderful break after all the stress prior!

  5. God that looks like a fantastic trip. Now I REALLY want to go to Hawaii. Before I was just mildly curious, but man, that looks and sounds awesome.

  6. I am so jealous - your holiday looked amazing. I love your umbrellas in drinks philosophy!

  7. Heehee love the photos! So is AJ just a friend????

  8. Great photos and a great read!

    Brought back memories of my honeymoon just a couple of months ago (though I was in another country, duh)

    Your a stunning woman, BTW!!

  9. I am a new reader to your blog and just wanted to say those photos are amazing. I'm glad you had a wonderful time. I hope I can go there one day.

  10. Everything looked so beautiful...YOU looked so beautiful. And your date...what a hottie! Love Love Love the pictures. The sea turtles...amazing! And your dresses are all just so cute! And for now I'll have to just keep dreaming of the day I get to go!

  11. I've been reading fo ages, never commented tho, I think, just wanted to say those photos are awwsome, and you are very very pretty, which negates your blog title!

  12. Oh I just love all the photos!!! YOu look bloody fantastic... like that in 80% of the pics you have a drink in ya hand! *snigger*... well done.

  13. Awesome! I'm so jealous.

    And I just have to say, 'Pretty if...' how about 'Pretty now'?

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  16. Fabulous photos - Hawaii definitely agrees with you, looks like you had a lovely time.

  17. Hey just stumbled across your site. You are beautiful and I loved all your pictures!! Good luck on your journey!


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