Saturday, November 08, 2008

Busy Times

Holy crap I have had a busy week. I made a pledge to not eat out during the month of November and I have had a bloody lunch meeting every day this week and no I didn't choose the healthy option. So I am kind of failing my challenge to eat at home, but at least I have only eaten out for work purposes which is something I can't avoid if I want to keep my job.

A 3 hour lunch meeting.

Tuesday I went to the Melbourne Cup for work (yeah yeah, drinking champagne for work, tough life). It was an awesome day, the weather was beautiful and we had fun sitting on the grass drinking champers and eating our gourmet picnic hamper.

I did win some money, but I still haven't checked my ticket yet so I don't know how much. I had $5 each way on C'est La Guerre at 20-1 and it came third, so hopefully I'll get a few bucks.

Work even paid for me to stay in a gorgeous hotel in the city because I live out in the 'burbs. This turned out to be most advantageous in sleeping off a terrible hang over the next day before I stumbled in to work. I tried to tell people I had sunstroke, not sure if anyone believed me...

A 3 hour lunch meeting, combined with a hang over- someone kill me.

Another 3 hour lunch meeting.

Flew to Sydney for the day to meet clients for lunch. Bloody exhausting and I hate flying.

My high school best friend is coming down to stay and we are meeting another old friend for dinner and drinks.

Going to Wellington (New Zealand) for work until Friday night. I suspect I'll be hung over again so that'll be a fun flight.

OK, I'll leave you with some photos of the Melbourne Cup. I had to be careful not to post any photos of anyone from work because I guess they'll crack the shits if they find it.

Me at home before I left.

Me getting ready at home- fake tan much?! Note to self, less is more when it comes to fake tan.

The crowd at Flemington race course.

The jockeys before the race.

The race that stops a nation... well what I could see of it...

Me at the end of the night- what a mess. In the battle of fake tan and sunburn, I think sunburn won!


  1. I too have been an EPIC FAIL on this months challenge. I've suddenly been really social and it kind of screwed me up!

  2. wow...i remember having a life... so long ago...

    wanna trade??



  3. How do I get a job like yours????

    I'd love to be doing lunch meetings and flying all over the place. Cool!!!!!!!!

    You look great, even burnt at the end of the day!

  4. If there's one cup I hate, it's the Melbourne Cup :D I just don't get all the fuss for a horse race.

    You'll be in Welly now, or on your way there, so I hope it's not too windy for ya.

  5. Hi! I've been reading your blog non stop since finding it yesterday. I can relate so much to all your history!
    So I'll keep reading too :-)
    You look great in that dress!


  6. Gorgeous dress! Hope you enjoy Wellington and it isn't too cold for you!

  7. I did a random google and found your blog.

    Wow- what a coincidence! Not only are you australian, but a former resident of Geelong, where I currently live!

    Anywho I adore and cherish your blog, fantastic pics you post and can very much relate to the weight issues.

    I've just started a blog, would love you to pop on over!
    (Don't expect mine to be as slick as yours though!)

  8. I love fake tan, its a fat girls best friend (when she gives up chocolate)
    Great blog,

  9. Ahhh what a life aye... Looking gorgeous as ever Tully.. Sunburn doesnt look too friendly tho...


Awww thanks so much for the comment!